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just picked up another xbox seeing as my last one went t*** up after a tsop bio flash. 

It's been opened already and upon inspection I found this. 

Can anyone identify? Tnx



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18 hours ago, SS_Dave said:

That chip supports a 512kb

The M7 bios is old and only supports up to a 137gb hard drive

The EvoxM8plus supports up to a 3TB(2.2tb usable)

Evox m8+ 67 No DVD.bin 256 kB · 6 downloads



SS Dave

Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.

Cheers, got it done and flashed all ok. M7 bios will explain why I was having issues with a 1TB HDD. 

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    • By lullatsch
      Hello Together,
      I bought an xbox today and planned to do a softmod.
      When opening the console to remove the clock capacitor, I noticed that a modchip is already installed.
      Unfortunately, I can't find any information about this chip. 
      Can you help me further?
      Can I just ignore the chip or should I pay attention to something?
      Is it possible to simply install a SoftMod !
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      Just bought an Xbox V1.0 dirt cheap.
      It has a switch on the side, on the inside two wires are hooked up to the switch.
      One goes to ground and the other lead is hooked up somewhere on the underside of the motherboard.
      Starting to suspect the switch disables a TSOP ... is my assumption correct here?
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      Hey guys,
      I just found this forum googling for an instruction for my modchip. Probably 14 years ago i installed this modchip and it worked fine for years. A few years ago after i moved i wanted to use my xbox again and it dind't work at all. So today I atemped another try. I reconed a loose cable which supposedly needed to be connectet to ground, which i did. Now the Xbox does boot the original bios. I can see my copied music and game saves. Trying to start it with pressing the power button for  2 seconds sometime leeds to atempt to start in whatever bios is installed on the modchip, but it restarts in the original bios. Nevertheless the LED on the modchip does light up on start. Do you have an idea how to get it to boot up with the modchip or a procedure to test if the modchip itself is actually working? Maybe you can point me to thread i missed.

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