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    • By empyreal96
      Newbie here! 
      So glad to see some kind of OG Xbox community still exists! I'm not the most social bean but I will try!
      Hopefully I can bring a new level to the community with my tool I am working on to help build Xbox OG source code super easy, called Easy-Build Xbox 😁
      EDIT: I am not sure on the rules yet of posting about and linking my tool, as the nature of it is source code, as long as there's no direct links on the forum is it okay? 
      But for now I'm saying hi and learning about the forum! 😅
    • By KylJoy
      My OG XBOX is a version 1.4 and has been TSOP modded and is running INDBIOS 5003 with F & G support.  I am using Rocky5's ISO BIOS patcher as the first thing that runs at bootup (DASH1 in IND0BIOS.CFG) to get ISO loading working and that is fine (I used to run UnleashX and needed it, not sure I still need it with XBMC4Gamers but assumed so since I'm using INDBIOS 5003).  I assembled the patcher.xbe (named it "XISO Loader.xbe") with it pointing to the dashloader.xbe at C:\DashLoader (renamed from C:\evoxdash.xbe) which, in turn, defaults to my XBMC4Gamers default.xbe at E:\XBMC4Gamers\ directory.  I edited the "A" .cfg that resides within the C:\dashloader directory to point to the Enigmah PAL/NTSC app in my E:\Apps\ directory in case I want to switch video modes.  All of that works great.  I can boot to XBMC4Gamers by default or hold "A" and get to the Enigmah video switcher to select PAL or NTSC.  Fantastic stuff!  But, now, I am trying to get the dashloader configurator GUI to work for configuring the dashloader button settings and I can't get it to work.  I installed the dashboard configurator from the URLDowloader within XBMC4Gamers into my E:\Apps\ directory and that seems to work fine as I am able to run the configurator which loads the settings from somewhere and will save settings somewhere BUT it does NOT really impact the A,B,X,Y, etc. .cfg files within the C:\cashloader\ directory.  What am I missing?
      Thanks in advance for any assistance.
    • By Supa
      I've spent some time kicking around the forums, but appear to be running in circles, so hoping for an assist.
      Last month I grounded out the power supply on my 1.1 while doing a 2TB SATA upgrade. The SATA/IDE board touched  the power supply as I was re-assempling the box (I left the power live like a bozo).
      I purchased a new power supply to find that the board was dead (non-stop frag). Purchased a previously soft modded 1.0 box, removed and cleaned up the clock cap and was able to boot to UnleashX.
      I'm now in day 4 of trying to install my old, previously fully functional, X3CE onto this new board.
      de-soldered d0, LAN, HDD wire no problem de-soldered pin header cleaned up solder in 1.0 header Installed old header back in 1.0 Connected everything up LAN/HDD lights on X3CP work great FRAG I'm running out of ideas. So far I've tried:
      Booting into flasbios via eject/power: FRAG Booting to softmod using power long press: works Re-soldering the pin header thrice using a continuity tester to check each header pin against this post from livefast1989: all but pin 7 check out (i think the point may be wrong) Tried booting into softmod and flashing w/ Hexen: Mfc ID 18 / Flash not writeable Booted xblastOS from softmod: Sees X3 as the chip, wont write to it via HDD or LAN I have loads of pictures of the install and all errors. Is there something I could be missing? Could I have nuked the chip when I murdered the power supply?
      Is there a tool to rebuilt the factory state of the x3CE?

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