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    • By Paulius
      Hello all.
      I recently installed one of those ‘quiet’ case fans (Nexus 70mm Real Silent case fan) with the expectation that I would get quiet performance with the same cooling.  I was shocked that I had to drastically increase the fan speed to get the same cooling performance.
      So, now I want to rethink my choice and  see if the somewhat noisy stock fan can be refurbished.  Other then seeing advice to clean the blades, I don’t see any other suggestions.  Before I tinker for myself, does anyone know if the stock fan can be disassembled, and lubricated with the hopes of getting the stock fan as quiet as it can be?  
    • By cuacs
      Hello, I bought an OG v1.1 recently and worked just fine, it came with an Aladdin (I don't know what model, but assume is an old one). The chip doesn't worked so I softmodded and left the chip in its place. After a few weeks playing the xbox simply shutdown in the middle of a Mario Party gameplay and when try to turn it on it tried to boot from the modchip (I think it activates holding the power button for a few seconds). I though it was the CPU overheating, so increase the fan potency (x3), replace the thermal paste and remove the clock capacitor finding little to no corrosion in the board but quite a few components rusted, which I cleaned.
      When I tried to play again it was even worse, it shutdown more often than before and when I turn it off the thing turn on again trying to boot from the modchip. Then I check for trace corrosion and there was nothing visible, but made the bypass for the 4 traces either, nothing new happened. Maybe the modchip was the problem, right? Well, no. After removing it, the only difference was that it booted normally.
      Then I remembered that the freaking fan was on x3, and put it back to x1, since then no more unexpected turn offs or ons, it works as good as before.
      I came here to ask the experts: this makes any sense at all?
    • By lizardmonkey
      I want to adapt a PicoPSU to a 1.6 xbox. Just wondering if anyone has done the ATX adapting to a 1.6.
      If so how did you deal with the 5V always on? I think this may be advantageous since there probably wont be quite the inrush on power on for the 5V rail.
      I was thinking of either the following:
      1.) Using a relay to switch between the 5VSB and the main 5V supply when switched on.
      2.) Connecting the 5VSB and main 5V supply from the ATX supply.
      Anyone have any thoughts?

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