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I'm a new forum member, and an OG XBOX fan for the last couple of years. 

I never owned an XBX before, until I went to a local fleamarket out of curiocity, looking for broken electronic devices to get me into electronic troubleshooting and stuff...then I came across a realy dirty XBOX which I got almost for free...

Trying to figure out what to do with it, I came accross this amazing community of modders and I'm thrilled to discover how many choices one has with a machine that' nearly 20 years old!

I'm trying to experiment as much as possible, learn more and have fun. 

Glad to be here!!

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    • By Niclas
      Hi all. I´m new here but not to the modding scene. Been modding consoles since the early days started around year 2000. Mostly Ps2 Wii Xbox Xbox360.
      Have been digging up the chipstorage and done about 20 consolles the last few months.
    • By KpCollins
      My Names Kaan, I am a modding enthuiast and have modded things from Xbox's to Ps3, Psp's, Wii's. Really enjoy doing it.
      Last night I successfully Tsop'd my first OG 1.1 Xbox, Flashed it with Xecutor 2 Bios using x2.5035.bin file with Xblast OS. Upgraded the Hardrive to a 2tb and am in the Process of transfering the Entire library excluding Sports and Maybe Disney games.
      Transfering Coinops and Ninja Massive ( not sure if both are really needed )
      Wondering if there's anything thats a must I can stick on this thing apart from what i've mentioned. Maybe some useful tools?
    • By gt46l
      Hey everyone, I am a new member to the site and happy I've found a forum that is still up to date on this hardware.  I'm not new to Xbox modding, but its been 14 years or so since I've worked with one.  I've run into some issues after adding a Xenium chip recently, and hope to ask the forum for some help.  Thanks in advance, and happy holidays 2020!

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