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  1. I'm also using the heat & pry method. Never used the freezer, it sounds feasible and straight forward, but unfortunately there's no space in my freezer to try A few things I have learned along the way, just to save others from ending up with a ruined case or jewel: 1. Take your time when heating the case, and heat both sides of the case. (The hot water method mentioned above sounds great - I'll give it a try )I try to heat the case mostly at the back side to avoid heating the jewel too much: remember your goal is to soften the glue, not the jewel. Touch the plastic from time t
  2. well...here's an update indeed the new HDD seems to have an issue. Not sure what though. I was trying the hot-swap method with Chimp, and it did not work either. It says the drive is locked, and since I had no clue how did that happen I could not unlock it. So I tried another HDD I had and it worked straight up! I have just finished formatting it. It's 160Gb too! When I came here to right the post, I saw Dave's message
  3. It is strange though..I can boot all of these disks with the stock HDD installed...
  4. No luck. still won't boot I think I will just put back the stock disk, and try doing the disk swap after the system is booted. any other idea is more than welcome!
  5. Yeah, I was about to ask if I can use another DVD from another XBOX, since I somehow had the impression that they are also hard-locked. I'll give it a try
  6. I'm pretty sure it was not used on XBOX before. I picked it from the flea market, and then used the WD tools to completely erase it and do a thorough health check including surface tests, and finally formatted of course. Basically this is the process I have used for all HDDs I have installed on XBOX previously and never had an issue. But as I said I have no experience with modchips
  7. The DVD drive is a Philips. I have no issues reading/ booting disks with the stock HDD fitted. I only have this problem when I try to install a new HDD. The new HDD is a WD with a capacity of 80Gb. I am using a 40wire cable (stock) since as far as I know I only need an 80-wire cable for larger capacities. At least I have used this config several times in the past in other machines. The hdd is set to cable select because this is what is used in almost all the tutorials I've seen. I will try the master setting now. Edit: Setting the new HDD to master does not work either...:(
  8. Hi again. I'm stuck at the point I want to upgrade my HDD. Aparently, my DVD drive won't boot any of the installation disks I have (SlaYer, 2x copies of HeXen 2018). The DVD boots normally if I have the stock disk installed, but when I install the new drive, it just stays at the boot screen with the EvoX logo, and the light turns red. The disks are quality ones (Verbatims and TDK) burnt at x4 speed. Any ideas how to move on? Could I try the "hot-swap" method that I use on soft-modded systems? Please note that I have changed the cabling so the chip is always on.
  9. Oh dear....so much more to learn I was not aware of the Slayer disk! Downloading it now, and getting the details about it. I see it's only for chipped XBOX, not for softmodded ones - do you know if this is still the case? I'm asking because most posts I've seen are relatively old. Also I saw that there's some argument saying why use Slayer Disk when there's the Auto Installer Deluxe. Any views on this matter? I'm not asking to start a flamed discussion, just asking to learn!
  10. Good tip. The "standard" XBOX case leaves almost no space for mods. Maybe some LEDs, but not much of anythig else I suppose
  11. So, ok. I do have my hard-modded console, which I was planning to undo, but I'll give it a go based on the feedback I received here! What's next? If I'm not mistaken this is an Alladin chip (maybe a knock-off??) but I have no more info. I'm attaching a picture for reference. If I press the power button I get the EVO-X logo and get msdash. If I press the Eject button when the unit is powered off, it powers up directly to the original ms-dash (ie no EVO-X logo). Where do I go from here? Do I just load a HeXen Disk and do a disk swap, etc? Can you please point me to a reference? I
  12. yeah...I meant that you have to remove the cables from the connector to sleeve them. thanks fot the info!
  13. Hello! I'm a new forum member, and an OG XBOX fan for the last couple of years. I never owned an XBX before, until I went to a local fleamarket out of curiocity, looking for broken electronic devices to get me into electronic troubleshooting and stuff...then I came across a realy dirty XBOX which I got almost for free... Trying to figure out what to do with it, I came accross this amazing community of modders and I'm thrilled to discover how many choices one has with a machine that' nearly 20 years old! I'm trying to experiment as much as possible, learn more and have fun.
  14. Very nice and clean job! I suppose in order to sleeve the cables of the power connection you had to remove them one by one from the connector, right? well done!
  15. Thanks for all the replies!!! I'm glad some soft-mod supporters replied as I thought I was the only one left!! I have applied quite a few soft-mods on systems, and none have failed so far. I thought that this was the easiest method to mod an xobx, and relatively straight forward. I will admit that I thought it was the only mod method that is reversible, but from what I read now, TSOP is also reversible. For sure I will give it a try so I can compare the methods myself. I havethe right tools and my soldering skills are ok for what is required in this case.
  16. Thanks. As I said I'm relatively new to this hobby...I visited the flea market to search for old electronics needing repair, and I bought an old box for something like 5 Euros! I had no idea what to do with it, and that's how I ended up learning about the mods. To me, the softmod seemed the better option, and to be honest I had not investigated the TSOP that much. I don't want to deal with modchips due to the many options and the time I want to allocate to this activity. Anyway, I'm now glad I found this forum; it's a great place to find resources....
  17. ok, I got it. I have to stay away from the softmod
  18. Thanks for the reply... so in order of preference it does: TSOP > Modchip > softmod...right?
  19. Hello all. I'm a new member of the forum and I have been playing around with the OG XBOx for a couple of years now. I never owned an XBOX before so my knowledge of the history is relatively limited. I do enjoy the versatility of the original XBOX, and I am amazed by the huge community and custom stuff that exists out there. Some of the machines I acquire (~40%) come with the modchip installed, but still have the original HDD. In the past, I removed the modchip because I could not find any info about it, and proceeded with a softmod, disk upgrade and so on. However, after I disco

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