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X3 XLcd Troubleshooting


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So, I've been at this LCD all day. Didn't work at all this morning. Cleaned contacts, added a bit of pressure to the tabs behind the screen. Now I have a magic lcd screen - when I move my hand close to the rear of the lcd, all pixels populate, crystal clear, but when I remove my hand, the bottom letters dwindle away...


See here: https://youtu.be/C_iVmE75Wog


Is there any hope? Any ideas?

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    • By coppermine
      Hey there, I have an Xecuter 2.0 Pro which I removed from a dead Xbox. It was soldered directly to the LPC pads. I put it in my TSOPed 1.0 (pin header) and all I can get it to do is FRAG. According to an old install tutorial I found it is supposed to FRAG when the chip is on and your D0 is wired correctly, and I'm fairly certain that connection is good. My trouble is that the DIP switches don't change anything. If I have that chip plugged into the board, it frags no matter what. This is a really old chip and it has an external LPT programming interface. Should I try to hook that up while its FRAGing? Has anyone every installed one of these who might be able to give me some insight? Thanks!
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      Can I ask the community for some help please: I’m trying to make a back-up of my WD Blue 1TB hard drive from my Xbox and can’t seem to get the duplicated drive to boot.
      My Xbox is modded with an Xecuter X3 chip and that is working fine; I have the X3 panel on the front which is lighting up blue and booting ok with my original drive – and it is booting to the X3 bios on my duplicate one.
      I’ve duplicated my original drive using HDD Raw Copy 1.10 (through two separate USB docking stations). Obviously I received read errors throughout the process; but it has reached 100% and finished.
      However, when I plugged in the back-up drive and booted up the Xbox, I got error code 16.
      When I switched banks and booted to the X3 bios it updated some settings; but when I boot to the bios bank that should be loading my XBMC Media Centre dashboard, I get error code 13.
      Basically my question is: am I missing something/doing something wrong?
      I wonder if I still need to “tell” the bios that this is a different drive somehow?
      Any advice gratefully received thanks.
    • By dirtykash
      I'm planning to use Ryzee119's Aladdin LCD driver but want to use the Xblast modchips I have as they are essentially the same thing.
      I'm just looking for some help to identify the LCD connection points for the Xblast as I don't have an Aladdin chip to compare to right now.
      Looking for points RS, E, Vo and RW on the Xblast

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