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Hello From France

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Bonjour à tous,

Je me présente, Champ71, Champ pour les intimes, 40 ans, français (et oui, null n'est parfait :) ) et passionné par cette magnifique console qu'est la Xbox

Je viens de découvrir avec joie ce super forum (Mais pourquoi ne l'ai-je pas découvert plus tôt !!!)  et bien que je sois très mauvais en anglais, je vais me faire une joie de le lire en long et en large :)

Au plaisir de vous lire,


Hello everyone,

I present myself, Champ71, Champ for the intimate, 40 years old, French (and yes, null is perfect :) ) and passionate about this beautiful console that is the Xbox

I just discovered this great forum with joy (But why did not I discover it sooner !!!) and although I'm very bad in English, I'm going to be happy to read it up and down :)

Looking forward to reading you,


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Enchanté, surpris de voir un Français, on ne doit pas être en nombre lol Pour ma part j'ai 26ans et c'est Yo. La communauté est super sympa et il y a beaucoup a partager et a apprendre. A+


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    • By william1384
      The first Xbox I ever had was a used Xbox that I had got from a pawn shop back in 2005, it was a v1.6 Xbox, and from what I remember I softmoded my Xbox that night, and about a week later I put a 100GB 7200RPM hard drive into my Xbox, the month after that I ordered a "X-Changer v2" XBOX mod chip for around $30, and the month after that I put a modified PC DVD into my Xbox it was a "LG GDR-8163B 16X DVD drive" because my Xbox's DVD drive failed.
      I "think" I was on xbox-scene back in 2005 and 2006, but I cant remember, I know I posted some of the mods that I had made to my Xbox to some online forum, I posted about adding a hard drive LED to my Xbox case, about painting my case and adding custom graphics, adding USB ports to the back of my Xbox and to my controller, but not sure what else.
      I had a lot of fun hacking my XBox back then, I also remember getting in a "heated" argument about the legality of hacking your own hardware with a Gamestop employee around that time, LOL.
      Unfortunately around the end of 2008 my Xbox died from a bad capacitor, and at the time I did not believe it could be repaired so it got scraped for parts and most of it went into the trash.
      A few years ago I found a v1.0 Xbox at a fle-market cheap so I bought, and when I tested it, it worked just fine, so I put it into storage and forgot about it, around December of last year I found a forum post about the "Clock  Capacitor"  killing Xbox systems and I went to check my Xbox, and sure enough the "Clock  Capacitor"  had leaked all over this v1.0 Xbox, so I removed the "Clock  Capacitor" and cleaned everything, thankfully no damage was done.
      After I had removed the "Clock  Capacitor" and cleaned this Xbox I had a lot of fun playing with my "self refurbished" Xbox, and it brought back a lot of good memories, so then I got thinking, and I decided that I wanted a few extra Xbox systems, and some spare parts, so I decided to buy some of the cheap Xbox systems I found, Xbox systems under $30, and it seems they almost all share the same problems, the DVD drives are trash and I keep getting the Thomson TGM600 DVD drives in the Xbox systems I find cheap,  lots of dust and sometimes bugs but mostly dust, most are v1.0 systems or maybe that's just my luck, and the power supply sometimes needs the be re-soldered were the cord plugs in - burned areas and scorch marks, sometimes the old hard drives are dead and its kinda hard to TSOP flash without a softmod first so I temporarily put a mod chip into it and then TSOP flash, and last but not least "Clock  Capacitor", thankfully I only found one Xbox that the "Clock  Capacitor" killed, but I was able to run some jumper wires to bypass the bad traces on that Xbox motherboard and get it running again, and I am delighted by the fact that most Xbox systems seem to be repairable.
      My only complaint is the lack of cheap DVD drives for the Xbox, I am experimenting with a PC DVD drive in one of my Xbox systems, it's not an ideal setup, but it does work.
      BTW this is what my first Xbox looked like, and for some reason back then I had put "good luck" in Chinese on my Xbox, LOL
      Please login or register to see this attachment.
    • By hapyman
      Can someone with the 2TB origins HD share their F:\apps\XBMC\skin\xbox origins\720p\home.xml file? Thank you.
    • By Playagain
      Found this site as I have been away from the scene a couple of years and was looking around for the most updated TSOP mod info and tools. 

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