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Running 2 Dashboards

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Hi Guys

So I have a 1.6 xbox NTSC-J xbox running an aladin chip. So if I just press the power button gently it will load the stock bios with the modchip disabled. If I hold it in for about a second, it'll load the mod chip which is running unleash X.

So what I'd like to do is load a different dash board when I run the stock bios as its pretty useless considering its NTSC-J.

My question is, is it possible to simply replace the MS dash board ".xbe" file with a shortcut to another dash board like XBMC4Gamers.

If this is possible, what is the file that the stock xbox bios loads to get to the dashboard?

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When you tap the power button to turn on the console, the modchip is disabled and boots the stock BIOS from the motherboard and runs the stock signed code MS dashboard.  You cannot run a different unsigned code replacement dashboard when using the stock BIOS (unmodded, no softmod installed).  However, you may be able to use the stock NTSC version 5960 Xbox dashboard.

The long power button press enables the modchip and loads the modified BIOS flashed to it.  Most of the modified BIOSes are preconfigured with the following boot order list:

  1. C:\evoxdash.xbe
  2. C:\nexGen.xbe
  3. C:\AvaLaunch.xbe
  4. C:\xboxdash.xbe ( if none of the replacement dashboards above are found, the stock MS dashboard executable.)

There's more than one file that makes up the entire contents of the stock dashboard.  There are hundreds of them in several folders.

The file that the stock BIOS runs or even a modified BIOS loaded from a modchip if no replacement dashboard is found on the hard drive is xboxdash.xbe.

Edit: You can make a slight change to the installation of the Aladdin modchip so it is always enabled.  That way, a short or long button press of the power button will always load the BIOS from the modchip.


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Ok that makes a lot of sense.

So say I were to remove the mod chip temporarily and put the stock hdd in. Then run Rocky5 softmod, then re-enable to mod chip and put back the newer HDD.

I know hardmod and softmod dont play together but do you think in this particular instance it will work?

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1 hour ago, Falcon639 said:

I know hardmod and softmod dont play together but do you think in this particular instance it will work?

It might but I think you'll get a black screen when you enable the modchip using the long power button press.

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