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    • By Crimson42
      Hey All,
       I just recently fired up my original Xbox to play some Mercenaries or Ninja Gaiden Black but it appears that the drive will not read the game disks. These disks are near perfect condition and the drive itself will read audio cds. I am at a loss on how to troubleshoot this issue. The Xbox I have is a the Special Edition Halo Green Xbox. I am at this point considering modding this system but I would rather do that to an ebay system instead. I do have the original Splinter Cell with some saved games on it, so if I could get the Xbox to launch that game I could in theory softmod it. But launching the game is a problem.
      Suggestions? - Thanks. -
    • By misc
      I've copied the files from the Halo 2 disc to my chipped xbox via ftp. 
      When starting the game there's no menu text (as if the font is missing).
      Selecting menu options at random starts the intro movie, which runs for a bit then crashes. 
      The files are verified extracted and copied ok. Lots of other games transferred exactly the same way are working fine. It is a v1.6 with an xecuter 2 chip. 
      I tried to run the ACL from dvd2xbox on the installed folder, but that seemed to hang and hadn't completed after 10 hours. There isn't a specific acl for Halo 2 installed as far as I xcan tell, so it is running the default one.  
      Any suggestions? Thanks
    • By Kik5u
      It does for real..... 
      So I put xbox360 slim inside a og xbox. I rewired the front panel work with original buttons and added one extra button for the sync button.

      Hardest part was to make the dvd drive to fit perfectly. I had to make some crude legs for it.

      I added larger fan, but then I was like that's not special enough.

      This sucker will be watercooled. 

      That's more like it. Just need a little bit slimmer fan and install it under the radiator and cut holes to the top cover.

      It's a perfect fit. On the bottom window you can see the final resting place for the hard drive.
      Peace XD

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