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Halo 2 Extra Maps

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I'm interested in having all of the Halo 2 multi player maps. I'm aware that a disk was released with maps and updates but learned that a couple of maps and updates came out after its release. Is there a way to still get those updates? 

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You can find offline DLC installers over on Digiex Please login or register to see this link.

You'll find the missing Halo 2 update and official DLC maps there.

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22 hours ago, samspin said:

You can find offline DLC installers over on Digiex Please login or register to see this link.

You'll find the missing Halo 2 update and official DLC maps there.

Thanks! I'll check it out.

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Keep in mind that unless you use EEPROM Nuller on your all Xboxes before installing DLC, you will not be able to swap disks between them (well you can, but DLC will be broken and updates won't be used despite being present). DLC and title updates are uniquely signed per HDDHEY! Therefore using an all zerod HDDKEY will allow you to easily swap disks between Xboxes without having to reinstall DLC and title updates all over again.
If you do need to swap disks to another Xbox and have to reinstall your DLC, it has to be removed first. Since this is a chore via the MS Dashboard (and doesn't include title updates) it is easier to do this via FTP. Download your E partition files via FTP,  then delete the ones currently on your Xbox, leaving just the copy of them on your computer. Then search for any folders named "C$" and "U$" and delete them, then upload the remaining files back your E partition.
EEPROM Nuller is part of JCRocky5's softmod package, if anyone wants the download this part, I'll leave a link to it here.

Please login or register to see this link.

BUT: I would highly recommend that you do NOT do this unless you have not got many invested saves. Some games use the HDDKEY to prevent saves being transferrable between consoles, and such saves would break if you use EEPROM Nuller *after* starting such games. Be warned! With a bit of forward thinking, it is best when first starting off with a new Xbox to use EEPROM Nuller, launch each game that has DLC at least once, then install the DLC. Then your Xbox disk can be easily cloned between other Xboxes you may possess (after using EEPROM Nuller on those too). Makes life a lot easier when you have an Xbox in more than one location and want to easily transfer your progress between each.

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