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I recently did a TSOP Flash on my 1.1 Xbox, now it has a custom bios (evox). I downloaded XBMC4GAMERS (to E/Apps/Xbmc4Gamers) , used the url downloader in order to have the artwork, everything is ok, i can launch games and all, but i can't switch to this dash at boot.

I read everywhere that it is very easy to do so, just by creating a shortcut with the xbeshortcutmaker, wich i did (changed the evoxdash.xbe to evoxdash_backup.xbe at the C partition, and created the shortcut with this path (E/Apps/Xbmc4Gamers) and paste to the C partition). But after that, my xbox get stuck at the boot screen with the microsoft logo.

I used the hexen disc to go back to default, but can't manage to have my Xbmc4gamers as my main dash instead of UnleashX.

Am i doing something wrong here?

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For the Xbe Shortcut Maker v2.0 the path should look something like the following:


not E/Apps/Xbmc4Gamers but E:\Apps\Xbmc4Gamers\default.xbe

It's to be the full path including the XBE filename, default.xbe, in the XBMC4Gamers folder.

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      Hi guys, new here. Not new to modding Xbox, however a lot has changed since I last did it many many years ago. 

      Anyway, its all softmodded, everything is running well (a few things crash - for example I tried to run Doom X which was downloaded via the URLDownloader included in XBMC4Gamers - did not work). But I'm running into one restriction which is the partition size of C. Since XBMC4Gamers is my main dashboard, and thus resides in C:\Dashboard etc. If I try to download something, for example the Xbox Artwork - it just tells me there isn't enough space on the drive. 

      I then came across a potential solution which was to have the dashboard on the E or any partition really, and something called "Multi Launcher" would point to it. However, I cannot find anything about it since. Website seems to have gone. No downloads seem to exist, and google just throws up results for other xbox consoles.

      So I suppose my question is ... IS there a way to have the dashboard on another partition, and have the main C:\Dashboard just point to its location ?
      Many thanks. 
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      I’ve just noticed that the blue leds are not lighting up on my X3 control panel bios bank switch buttons. They should light up blue when pressed in (on). Anyone come across this before? Know how I can fix it?? 
      Ill take it apart and see if theres a lose cable cable or similar but that won’t be for a few days....
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      I'm looking to seel a crystal xbox with pink xecuter 3 modchip and crystal pro switch.
      All buttons are present on the pro switch.
      It's only got a 40gb hdd but does have coin ops on there. It's in full working order but I dont have a controller for it.
      I'm looking for a valuation with a view to selling on so if you could give me a price I'd be grateful. I'm based in the UK, thanks.
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