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    • By double0zero
      I've been able to customize just about everything in XMBC4gamers, I have a softmodded xbox original, and I noticed in the profile select screen, where I can either select manage profiles, or select a profile with my xbox games or emulators.

      The profile select screen is what boots up for me right away when I turn on the xbox, so the first thing I see is like crummy boxes and a baby blue background. Is there any sort of dark mode? I don't need a crazy skin, I just want to change the colors, is there anyway to change a line of code in a file to change it? Does anyone know how to contact the creators to ask?

      This would be the icing on the cake for me after setting up a sweet system

    • By Sherlock
      Last year I put together my personally ideal XBox.
      Decent AV cables, hard-mod, big HDD, quiet fans... all the fun stuff that increased the consoles capabilities and improves the experience.
      And until last week that XBox was running perfectly fine.
      However, the console is now completely dead.
      The PSU is fine, and I tried changing several of the capacitors on the motherboard, but there is simply no life at all.
      The console just doesn't react at all when the power button (or eject) is pressed.
      There's not even a 'blink-and-you'll-miss-it' kind of signal that the console is even receiving power.
      But, like I said the PSU is fine, that was the first thing I tried.
      And after several hours of replacing capacitors, trying to find the one that may be stopping the power from reaching the console... I gave up and held a respectful funeral for my short-lived friend.
      Close friends and family attended.
      Clearly I'm just trying to add some humour there.
      But when I did finally run out of components to replace I procured a replacement console to start the project again.
      That console came, and works fine.
      However, I cannot use the 2TB HDD I had installed in the previous console.
      I can't remember when or exactly why I did... but I locked the HDD to the, now dead, console.
      As such no matter what I connect the HDD to, because of the 'lock' the XBox imposed on the drive; I can't do anything with it.
      The replacement console can't unlock it, or format it.
      My PC sees the drive and it's capacity, but is unable to do anything with it. I've tried Windows and Linux, as I though the 'brutish' nature of the latter's terminal commands could break the 'locked' state.
      But, even Linux doesn't work.
      Replacing the drive isn't all that much, money-wise. However, it would be a shame if this perfectly functional HDD is now reduced to nothing more than an overengineered door-stop.
      Although not a massive capacity by modern standards; 2TB could still be useful for many things, if there is some way I can 'unlock' it.
      As I mentioned above the console it was 'locked' with is completely dead.
      I cannot find any reason why, but there isn't even the slightest of a glimmer of life at all.
      I don't know what could cause such a state, and it's confusing that it was working fine a few days before.
      And just for those who go straight for this suggestion...
      I already took out the clock capacitor.
      I've done that on every XBox I've ever had in my possession.
      It's usually the first thing I do upon opening them up.
      And just to be clear; I am careful when removing them. I don't force them; I do use a soldering iron and take them out with a delicate touch.
      I have just ordered a replacement 2TB HDD.
      But, if there's a secret way of reenabling the use of the one I have now; I'm sure I could find a productive use for it.
      However, after trying a few 'suggestions' already; I am not going to hold my breath.
      That said; I am open to suggestions.
      I also want to clarify that the PC motherboards I have are unsuitable for running XboxHDM.
      The only PC motherboard I have with IDE can't boot from USB, and I don't have an IDE optical drive.
      And the other (which can boot from USB) doesn't have any IDE connections at all.
      If memory serves me; XboxHDM need to access the HDD via IDE, even when connecting a SATA HDD (via an IDE-to-SATA adapter).
      So, unless XboxHDM has changed since I last tried to run it; that particular software won't function properly on the hardware I currently have.
      Also, because the cost of replacing the HDD is so low, I'm hoping to avoid spending too much, if any money on rescuing this 'locked' HDD.
      I am just traying to be a little eco-friendly in repurposing it if possible.
    • By Wyverino
      Hey guys, Wyverino here
      I am fairly new to the xbox modding scene. My gf just gifted me an old premodded 1.1 for christmas and I love it so far. I just want to tweak it a little more to make it my hopefully favorite console! 
      Wish all of you guys a happy new year! 

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