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    • By DanielL99
      Hi there,
      I'm new to the og XBox world
      I bought a XBox half year ago and took it apart.
      I found out that it has an "Aladdin 2" modchip and as far as I understand is also TSOP modded.
      It's a NTSC XBox v1.0.
      My questions for you are:
      Do I really need the modchip?
      As far as I understand the v1.0 has a big TSOP Chip, which can be splitted into banks, if I really need different bioses.
      So does this modchip anything different/special?
      And why do I need different Bioses?
      I just want to use this Xbox as (region free) Gaming console and maybe for XBMC.
      And is there a cheap (and easy) way to get digital output?
      I only got a VGA adapter with this XBox and it doesn't really work with my TV.Please login or register to see this attachment.
      Please login or register to see this attachment.
    • By DobaMuffin
      I am writing this today to see about getting some help with my 1.6 Xbox and the Xeceuter 2.6 CE installed in it. I recently did this Please login or register to see this link. involving a resistor to extend the life of the board and the board works fine after the install.
      This is also where I managed to find an issue. With the mod chip enabled, both banks load up their respective bioses, but when I disable the mod chip using the front panel switch, the console Frags after 3 tries. When I disconnect the LFrame wire from the mod chip, the console boots up like normal to the stock dash using the stock bios. Before the mod though, disabling the mod chip using the front panel switch worked liked normal.
      So now I am a point where I made a modification to extend the life of the console, but lost some functionality in my mod chip at the same time. I am wondering if anybody knows what would cause the issue I described and if anybody else has ever run into similar issues. Though I know most don't tend to mod 1.6 consoles if the can avoid it.
      I'm also curious if anybody else happens to have an Xbox motherboard that is warped around the CPU and GPU area. By warped, I mean that I can see a curve in the motherboard around that area.
    • By Pipo
      Hi, I'm new here.
      I had something to do with the xbox a very long time ago, I think in 2004.
      I was looking for a good site and I think I have a xbox and I wanted to change it with tsop.
      But there are questions one should take HeXen CD I can unfortunately not download my contributions are limited to 5 pieces per day.
      Excuse my bad english i always let it translate.
      With many things I always read :
      " Sorry, you aren't permitted to download this file. "
      greetings to all

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