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Change My Case or Not ?

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What version is the non crystal  one?

If they are both the same version just swap the main board.


SS Dave         


Those who can hard-mod, Those who can’t soft-mod. 

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I ask because if your swapping the mother boards the bottom case is slightly different between a version 1.0-1.5 and a version 1.6.


SS Dave


Those that can Hard-Mod, Those that can't Soft-Mod.



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    • By fallen1
      Would like to swap my current original black case that has few stripped threads + fan cut mods from previous owner.
      Looking for a visually OK case or dead unit in EU to hold my v1.1 board
    • By steffZ
      I would like to remove my original Western Digital 8 GB IDE HDD and replace it with a modern 120 GB SATA SSD.
      However, I don’t want to use a modchip or a softmod. My Xbox should stay as original as possible (especially the Dashboard). So I just want to copy all my IDE HDD data 1:1 to the new SSD drive (even no resizing of the partitions).
      My idea is to install the SSD with an IDE to SATA converter (StarTech with Marvell chip). The 1:1 sector-by-sector copy to the new drive should be done with CloneZilla.
      Is this possible? I read something about keys and locked drives...
    • By SS_Dave
      A while ago I had a version 1.0 box fail to boot intermittently and every time I moved the hard disk it would come good.
      The drive is a WD 500 gig Pata/Ide drive.
      I closed the power connectors in the molex plug and swapped the 40 way cable still the same. As I had nothing to lose I removed the PCB thinking it had dry solder joints on the power and 40 way connectors but I noticed the contacts for the heads and spindle motor are tarnished. A quick clean of the PCB and spring contacts with iso-propyol alcohol and reassemble and it has not missed a beat since (3 weeks and still going and before it was every 2nd day)
      I now have a Seagate 1tb from a desk computer with the same symptoms and after removing the PCB it looks the same. This drive is 2 years old and has had a max of 1.8tb data transferred to and from it so bugger all. and 1/3 for that was rescuing the data from it
      Something to keep in mind for intermittent drive problems.
      SS Dave
      Those that can hard-mod, Those that can’t soft-mod.

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