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Screen Calaibration

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I got a problem with a TSOP console but it may have nothing to do with TSOP. When I try to calibrate my screen and save, XBOX gives "unable to save" Error #3.  Any idea what Error 3 is ?




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     3 (0x3)
     The system cannot find the path specified.

I'm not exactly what path it's trying to write to. If it was the configuration file, config.xml, it was read to set up the menus of the UnleashX dashboard.  So, it should not have a problem writing to it. However, I don't recall seeing any such information in that file for screen calibration data.  The replacement dashboard must be trying to write it elsewhere; but where?

The skins folder, the path to where UnleashX's default.xbe or other named XBE file is running from.  Both of those should be known.

Update: There should be a UDATA folder present that stores information used by UnleashX.


Did you delete that folder?  Is it present on the hard drive?

Video calibration data may be in the file:


A 144-byte file on my console.

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I do have a E\UDATA\9e115330. It is present but I don't have a videosat.dat in it. I do not have a E\UDATA\93115330 folder 


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