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XboxHD+ only works on one of my devices.


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Hi. I've tried 3 different TV's for the XboxHD+, a LG TV, a CURTIS TV and a Vizio TV. All no signal/output. However, It does however work on a 22" SCEPTRE monitor at 720p. Could it be that the other TV's are older? Also, I've never tried the XboxHD+ app, could that fix the problem?

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3 minutes ago, Luke007 said:

Thanks for your reply. I need Bios checker right? I'll have to get to getting the app as well as the XboxHD+ app.

He's basically asking if you're using the Evox bios that was compatible or Cerbios 2.3.2. Do you see a purple "Evo-X" logo in the corner at boot, or 3 blue dogs?

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4 hours ago, Luke007 said:

I don't know. When I hit the eject button, "Xenium/MakeMHz" screen comes up..

Kay, so OpenXenium. Download from this link and flash Cerbios 2.3.2. I don't know what HDD is in your console, so just flash UDMA 2 for now, which is the file that does not have any UDMA 4,5 or 6 naming. We'll figure out the HDD part later, but this will at least diagnose the issue. Be sure to leave evox in the boot menu in case you have an issue with Cerbios for any reason and you can switch back. It should theoretically work fine, though. There is ElpisHD available to configure the HD+.

This console mods link tells you how and how to boot it as default. 


Here is the manual:


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6 hours ago, Luke007 said:

I'm just going to hold off for now, I ordered a Sceptre TV.. If I don't have any success, I'll come back. Thank you.

Sceptre... at least it wasn't expensive. However, I am interested to see why these sets would have an issue with this signal...

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Posted (edited)

It turns out it was the HDMI cable. The shorter cables worked on my Vizio TV. Though, Max Payne works on my 22" Sceptre but gets "No signal" when trying it on 32" Vizio TV. Hmm 😕

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