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Help with backing up and install new dash


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Hi all,

I have recently acquired a hardmodded crystal 1.6 box from a popular online auction website, which has with a 200gb hdd.

I opened it up and gave it a good lean as it was pretty disgusting! Literally spiders inside.

It has an Aladdin XT hardmod, I don’t know when it was installed.

Current dash is EvolutionX V+3935. I had a good poke around in EvoX settings, it states that it has unknown BIOS. Says the same in Xbox BIOS checker 5.0.

  1. I can’t see anywhere to backup EEPROM (I read that this is important) – do I need to do this? There are no options that I can find in EvoX that will allow me to backup.
  2. There are various apps, including XBMC, Avalaunch, etc. Should I just delete them? If so, how?
  3. The app ‘Xenium’ when loaded states “You have a Cloned Fake Xenium” – what does this mean?
  4. I assume that the BIOS is out of date and so is the dash. I read that UnleashX  and Xbox4Gamers is the best combo to have. How can I update to these please?

Thanks in advance all!






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Nothing is out of date, if it works it works. So just replacing a dash or 'updating' the BIOS is a question of personal choice not necessity.

Why a "Backup" eeprom option is missing is probably because the evox.ini (the dash's configuration/settings file) has been customised for safety reasons. The Flash BIOS option too I'd guess is also likely missing (DO NOT MESS WITH THAT IF IS STILL THERE).

But in any case as yours is a hardmod the eeprom backup is less important than if it was a softmod. It is still a good idea to back it up to PC. Check the HDD lock status, being a hardmod you'd expect it to be unlocked but if it is locked then the eeprom backup becomes a little more important. 

1). If your EvoX dash does not have a eeprom "Backup" you can either edit/replace the evox.ini but, safer, to install ConfigMagic, an Xbox app, that will do that for you and also put in a safety net in the form of a master password. There are disc based installer tools that will also backup the eeprom for you. Your choice which you choose.

2). No need to delete XBMC or Avalaunch. They're alternative dashboards installed as apps which can be useful, you might even prefer XBMC to EvoX and decide to replace it as your main dash. Ask here for advice before attempting to do that yourself.

3). Not ever seen Xenium installed as an app - possibly a Xenium chip was previously fitted. That's just a guess, somebody here who knows more about Xenium and chip stuff than I do will know doubt be able to help with that.

4). The BIOS is completely separate thing from the dash. UnleashX and XBMC4Gamers are just other dashboards, they do not need a BIOS update to be able to use either. If the chip is a standard Aladdin type it came with a pre-installed universal EvoX M8+ which is perfectly good enough in most circumstances.

The golden rule with BIOS, Xbox or PC, is never update them unless you are a 100% sure it will provide some new benefit or a problem fix you're actually going benefit from. Otherwise don't.

You can replace your primary dash with a new dash and I'd suggest any one with a built in file manager is a better choice than EvoX.


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