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    • By blainelocklair
      Hello everyone!
      Hoping to get a bit of help with two small issues. Using UnleashX with the green block theme, but having the same issues without regard to the skin selected.
      First is that if I use the two triggers and the far left / far right buttons (back and something else) to return from a game to the main menu, the XBOX crashes with error 07. Power off and power on cycle sets thing right, but strange that it crashes just because I try to go back to the menu from inside a game.
      Second is that loaded games don't automatically show up in the "XBOX Games" menu. For example, I've burned a disc over to the HDD and also copied one through FTP. In both instances, I had to go into the game through File Explorer, start the .xbe file, and then go back to the menu to see the game in the games list.
      Any ideas?
      Thanks everyone!
    • By twoballscrewball
      Hi all, 
      First post here.   Have my soft modded OG xbox that I have had for probably 18 years.   Has a 120GB HDD in it, and I use it mostly for Mame at this point. 
      Just last evening, it started doing something very strange. 
      It boots up OK, I get the factory boot animation, "Matrix Inside", etc, but then when it transitions to the EVO-X menu, the screen only updates what looks like a frame every 2 seconds.   It will slloooooowly fade in the EVO-X menu, then I can hold "down" on the controller and it will slooooowly move from one menu entry to the next.  It's almost unusable.   
      Once I start an app, everything is OK.   For example, Mame works fine.   It just literally takes 5-10 minutes to get through the menu to start it up. 
      It has been probably 15 years since I have messed with this thing, as far as modifying anything.   Anyone have any suggestion as to what might be going on?
    • By misc
      I've copied the files from the Halo 2 disc to my chipped xbox via ftp. 
      When starting the game there's no menu text (as if the font is missing).
      Selecting menu options at random starts the intro movie, which runs for a bit then crashes. 
      The files are verified extracted and copied ok. Lots of other games transferred exactly the same way are working fine. It is a v1.6 with an xecuter 2 chip. 
      I tried to run the ACL from dvd2xbox on the installed folder, but that seemed to hang and hadn't completed after 10 hours. There isn't a specific acl for Halo 2 installed as far as I xcan tell, so it is running the default one.  
      Any suggestions? Thanks

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