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1.4 Box starts only when DVD Rom open tray


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Sorry, but I have to annoy you again... I once again bought a cheap ogxbox at a flea market. So far so good.
Unfortunately, the box now has an error that I've never had before... and I don't know how to fix it either...
When I turn on the box, the box starts to "pump". The LEDs flash alternately. go off and then on again. Fan stops and starts again, screen is black, hard drive is clicking and turning. After 5 - 10 seconds, the box is stable, the fan is running, but the LEDs continue to flash in all colors. Despite this, no error code is displayed even after a long period of time.
When I press the eject button now, the DVD doesn't respond at all.
If I then start the box via the eject button, the error pattern is the same at the beginning, but then the DVD is opened and the box then boots normally.
Then I can even turn off the box completely and turn it on normally. Everything works as it should.
If the box was switched off again for some time, the problem starts all over again. The box is a version 1.4 with TSOP patch, but the box also has the same quirks with modchip and original MS BIOS.
I've changed pretty much everything that can be changed. IDE cable, yellow DVD cable, DVD ROM, hard disk, power supply unit ... the CPU/GPU cooling paste has also been renewed and the clock capacitor has been removed ...
I don't see any signs of wear on the board, and the capacitors still look good...

As always, any help or hint is appreciated...

Cheers and Thanks

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What you're describing is the standard "frag" it sounds like. I'm fighting with a 1.3 with similar boot issues myself, but those could be more-so related to me knocking a cap or two off on one of the chips I was attempting to ram upgrade a few weeks ago.

From my experience so far and what you're describing, it sounds to me like it could be related to a broken D0 point (although I'm honestly not up on the TSOP method, I used modchips mainly) or even trace rot. I would inspect your D0 points visually, check all points with a multimeter, including the ground points on the pin header to D0 to ensure continuity. Then also go over your full power trace on the edge of the board with a microscope and confirm you have no trace rot occuring. If you do, you'll want to run some jumper wires to fix continuity. I had to fix some on the board I'm working on, that initially fixed my issues until I botched that ram chip install.

Hopefully some of this helps.

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Hi StealthAce and thanks for your reply. I will check the power traces for scratches and marks more intensively. First impression was fine, but I will check again. 

D0 Port ... hmmm, the box was virgin when I received, and the error occurs even when the box was sill unopened and sealed. So no soldering destroyed the D0 point before.

I have exactly the same behavior in any methods (original, Modchip, TSOP) and with different custom bios (even noDVD Bios).

Thanks !!

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