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Partly Working Madcatz Wireless Controller for Parts.

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Is anyone interested in an partly working orange Madcatz controller. It is wireless, the rubber is in bad condition, the case is good though. One rumble motor need to be soldered, the triggers needs to be pushed hard to get them to max and it is dismantled. It comes with the receiver and all parts.


I have no idea on price, so open for offers if anyone is interested. Shipping must be covered by buyer, and tbh it can be a bit expensive from here. 74a687a8f2d2f2fe99e66cf121bc2e53.jpg6f5c46baa420f5339cb48ccf444bef60.jpg55b23142b9b0de7f2750934ab4cd0375.jpg69468ff32bd820fa5d5da1bf45e9a933.jpg0a181c128cdb944a840527ddf2424ac4.jpg8246a8cdb93292f39e07d24718bfb0fa.jpg


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