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Menu and many blank save game icons hijacked by savegame transfer - xmbc4gamers


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Hi to everyone! Registered here after often been reading various topics.

Ive tried to transfer savegames for Halo 1 and 2 from one console to another, via memory card/flashcard. Although on secondary console in Local GameSaves data is visible with icon, when I copied it to memcard it was blank file with profile name only, 2 of them for 2 games. I've chose copy in File Manager and of course it automatically offered me destination. I couldn't choose free area, selection was only on Back arrow, so I've pasted it like that from memcard on my primary console, UDATA. (Idiot, I know.) So that means I copied it from Local GameSaves on one console, and pasted it to UDATA on another.

Now on my main console Local GameSaves menu has Halo 2 icon on it, and almost every previously blank savegame has Halo 1 icon, I think. Also, strangely size have gone to 0 Bts for every single save, that has that data visible (because some don't, some have names, some are without names).

I can't find where the files go. Searched through all folders on UDATA, there are no files with corresponding date. I did delete these files from UDATA root, that have today's date, no avail (backed them up on computer).



So here's how it looks:



Do you know how to solve this?


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These are files from memory card, I suppose I need to find them on hard drive and delete them. But I can't find where did they gone. If pasting was performed on "Back" option, maybe they ended up somewhere not visible by dashboard? Dunno.


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I solved it! By both deleting those recent files in UDATA screened in previous post (they were part of problem actually) and by deleting all contents of thumbnail folder in User Data. Yeeeha!

Does anybody knows where thumbnails for Apps lie? Controller Test app has some "From Russia With Love", while setting up menus it was updated like that. No biggie, just capricious.

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