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How critical is this resistor?


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Hi all, I've been working on a FRAGing v1.1 Xbox, and while I was bridging the TSOP point on the bottom of the board, I accidentally de-soldered the tiny resistor just north of R7R3 in this picture: https://www.biline.ca/X-Box/10under.jpg. As always, by the time I realized it was gone, I couldn't find it anywhere, either on my iron or on my workbench.

Dumb question please...how critical is that resistor? I know there likely aren't any redundant parts, but should I replace it, and is there a replacement part I could order?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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R7D10 on v1.4 is for the output enable signal on the flash. That is critical.

R7R3 is a pull-up for write-enable to keep writing disabled. By shorting the link under it, you connect the MCPX to the flash to allow for write-enable to be driven dynamically and thus allow re-flashing. I think it's likely that it's required, or else the signal will be left floating and read operations may be interpreted as writes. You can place any value resistor there between 1k and 22k - it's just a digital signal pullup.

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17 hours ago, Prehistoricman said:

You can place any value resistor there between 1k and 22k - it's just a digital signal pullup.

Awesome. Thank you so much! I think I can put my hands on 10K 0402 resistors pretty easily...I'll order a handful of those.

This 1.1 is my white whale...really looking forward to getting this one working!

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