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About Me

Found 13 results

  1. Hi everyone! Feels like I am late to the party... I just bought my first OG XBOX 6 months ago and now I have 4 of them!
  2. Hey everybody! Here I am, taking my first steps into the fascinating world of OG Xbox, and this place seems awesome. Hope everybody is well! Saluts!
  3. Hey everyone just found my old og xbox crystal went for the softmodding and tsop soldering just need to change the bios and im ready to go.... cannot wait to play jade empire A question which is the best bios and why, cannot seems to find a clear list online Thanks
  4. Hello guys, I am from south america, I live near the end of the world! And it is my first time with an XBOX (sounds a bit gay). Thing is, I am suffering with my new original Xbox. It came with two controllers, but, both are completely dead, I opened them, and they are unfixable. No screws on the console, I bought them all, hard drive was not working, I bought a new IDE cable, now is working. The DVD drive was not opening, I fixed it with a needle. AND the only problem I have left with no solution is the power supply, it is 110v, 1.6b, made in 2005. I need a 220v! It has been quite a headache, I got myself a power down convertor, it works, but it sounds like a nuclear plant! "Not good" (Trump voice) So dear guys if you have any deals, or any seller of 220v PSU for the Xbox, be sure to let me know! My most thankful cheers to you all! Cannot wait to play Halo 2 online using Xlink kai with all of you My Sony Wega is ready hehehhhe
  5. I'm debating selling this Xbox and I really don't want to be low-balled because I don't know the true value of it, so I was hoping you guys could help me. I know it's an Xecutor 3 Christmas Edition chip with a black pro switch, which I've heard is pretty rare; the 4th bank switch is missing the cover cap but I'm trying to find a replacement for it.
  6. Hi guys, just wanted to say hello to everyone. I am a newbie and will try to contribute towards community here. Thanks.
  7. I've rediscovered the xbox hacking community after being away from it for a few years. I onw 4 units, one as a DUOX2 modchip, the other 3 are stock, for now Tsop will be my next project for them. Thank you all
  8. Hi there I am new to modding Xboxes, i have watched a number of videos on the subject . I plan to look through all the forum topics to guide me , my biggest hurdle is knowing what tools, leads and software to have so it makes the process easier. I have four Xboxes, two have been soft modded by the previous owners (one has an extension kit with three HDD's internally and has an Akira 2 mod chip), one standard Xbox and one Pal Crystal Xbox version 1.5 I plan to TSOP all of them if possible. My soldier skills are good, i have installed mod chips in my PS2, and Gamecube. I have also modded my Dreamcast with an IDE Reborn and have an IDE drive in a custom built DC table top arcade. Any help on where to look for info would be much appreciated
  9. Just coming back to the og xbox scene. I was a long time lurker on the halomods.com forums as a kid, my only real contribution to the scene being a mod that added hydraulics to the warthog that you activated with the right trigger. It did make it into exilelord's "Why We Mod" video which hilariously is one of my most proud achievements to date lol. Anyway I just purchased an OG xbox for $15 off craigslist and am looking to do so stuff to it. Super glad there are still enthusiasts around producing amazing tools.
  10. Hi all Liam from SE London England here just got back into Xbox modding and wondered why i ever stopped, it is an amazing machine and so versatile, since i got my one back up and running everyone i know want one but can not find them cheap enough for Love Nor money in SE LONDON they are like gold dust , anyways if anyone needs help on softmodd i am always willing to help just give me a shout
  11. hi everyone, been an xbox collector for a few years now, love the new xbox stuff but i do have a decent collection of the old xbox consoles and games ( games are mostly demo versions from shops ) ive got the original xbox hulk edition ( boxed ) brand new blue kasumi chan edition, green dev kit and the larger crystal development kit console, plus a few others like the mountain dew, black crystal one and a nice modded rare red xcm cased model., also got my computer running in a modded crystal xbox case i built a couple of years ago. i did consider selling my hulk edition but i have no idea as to prices anyomore !! anyways just thought i would say hi
  12. Hey Guys and Gals, New to the world of OG Xbox modding but I'm pretty tech savvy and have played around with modding Xbox 360/Wii/Nintendo DS etc. Finally got myself a crystal with an Aladin XT Pro 2 (I think) and it boots Evo X. Currently having an issue with upgrading the hard drive but that's for another topic. Here are a few pics David

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