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Found 8 results

  1. I received a broken 2001 1.0 Xbox for free. I removed the clock capacitor, rerouted some trace rot. After that, it seemed to be working great besides terrible disc reading (even after a pot tweak). I ignored the often suggested thermal paste replacement thinking "don't fix what ain't broke" and bought a new laser, after all, I got the thing for free. It's working great as far as I can tell. BUT the lingering thought of thermal paste wormed it's way into my brain, after all, most people seem to suggest it (sometimes to do it just cuz). The combination of so many people suggesting it, and some of the counter-arguments to it on this forum made me pretty anxious about the whole ordeal. Especially after investing money into this. SO when does one know when, or if they should change the paste? I basically have the oldest OG Xbox possible, and it seems to work fine. I noticed the fan area in the back can get warmish when reading discs - but I've never had an xbox, and this could be normal. I haven't modded it, so I don't know its temps. Should I be worried? or bothered? Should I mod the console just to see the temps, just to be sure? Is the Xbox good enough at knowing when it has overheated to reliably leave it alone until theres a tangible issue? TLDR; I'm overly paranoid about my newly acquired 1.0 xbox, and don't know how necessary it is, or when I should replace the thermal paste. Thanks for any replies! It's much appreciated.
  2. i, like many others, started having problems with my xbox after replacing the thermal paste. graphics glitching, freezing, frag'ing, and sometimes it would just go into a coma on me. it appears that the problem is that some of the solvent for cleaning the thermal paste gets underneath the gpu chip and causes a short. 1st off, i do not recommend replacing the thermal paste on these consoles but if u already have and are now having problems then here is how to fix it. get a bottle of 91% rubbing alcohol with a squirt top on it(i suggest a quart bottle), hold the motherboard on it's side, and squirt the alcohol all over it. be certain that plenty is going under the gpu. next, take a hair dryer and dry the board very well. be careful not to get it too hot. a good rule of thumb is that if any part of the board is uncomfortable to lay your hand on and keep it there, then it is too hot and should be allowed to cool. next, sit the board in the xbox, hook up the psu, connect a tv and power on the system a few times to be certain that it appears to be working before full reassembly. BE CERTAIN TO REAPPLY THERMAL PASTE AND HEATSINKS BEFORE POWERING ON! i'm not certain that it will overheat the chips without the heatsinks for a quick test but it isn't worth the risk. this fixed my xbox that i was concerned i had forever killed.
  3. I took apart the Xbox 360 my uncle modded in around 2010 because the GPU temperature was always over 75C* and I saw hot glue under the GPU die. It was like that since I had it and I thought it was normal until I realized how hot that really is. The GPU heat sink literally oxidized because it was running so hot for a decade. I hate hot glue!!! What is it with amateur console modders and hot glue? Please don't put hot glue in your console and especially don't use it as thermal paste. This is why I don't want to work on or to buy a previously modded system. My uncle isn't stupid but that was the dumbest thing I have ever saw. I don't think it was on purpose because the old thermal paste was still on and the X clamps where not tampered with. No clue how it got there though. I would have showed off the GPU die but it didn't look much different except for clear yellow bits around the die. It really felt like rubbery hot glue when peeling it off. The CPU die was untampered with completely and ran 20 degrees cooler than the GPU too. The console was also filled with dust because of this issue. The fan speed always idled at 100% and sometimes crashed because of the heat. I now have proof that heat isn't the issue with red ring of death consoles because the console was a Jasper with the favored updated GPU die and it should have cooked itself by now if the GPU die was heating up more than a untampered console and it was used for more than 10 years. Now I replaced the hot glue thermal paste with actual thermal paste and now the idle fan speed is so low I can't hear it. It also idles under 50C* so now so I can enjoy the console without the console shutting off because it going over 80C. Worst part is that the Xbox 360 had genuine Xecuter boards and had a genuine Coolrunner chip too and there was hot glue everywhere around it.
  4. I have just taken the heatsink of a v1.0, cleaned it up and replaced with MX4. It seem to work OK but the heat sink is not clamped to the CPU at all well. I can rotate it with no trouble and even rock it side to side. Were the original thermal pads adhesive? Were they 1mm thick and I need to now pack the clamp out? Any thoughts? Thanks.
  5. Hi, i just finished rescuing and polishing up a almost dead 1.6 (dead HDD, dead Fan, 5 leaked capacitors and a burned power supply fuse) which now almost works - except for the following issue: As soon as the system has been booted, the CPU / GPU temperatures are rising to 64 °C almost immediatly and coherently. Then, it turns off after a few minutes. What i already tried: Fully cleaned and removed the old thermal paste and replaced it (holy crap, the one on the GPU felt like tarred road) Hard-tweaked the BIOS to run the Fan at 40% instead of the default 20% Both actions did not had any impact on the issue. System configuration: Alladin Modchip, EvoX M8+ 1.6 BIOS, UnleashX Dashboard (grabbed the version from the OGXBox Installer Disc), Noctua 60 mm 12 V Fan, Noname PATA-SATA Adaptor with 256 GB SATA SSD, new 80 Pin PATA Cable. Any ideas what else i could try? I don't want to flash the BIOS in the current situation because of the general system instability but would perform it with a external programmer if necessary.
  6. Hi Everyone! I'm in the market for a 1.0 motherboard that has had the extra ram up to 128mb chips added, has had all the caps replaced, the clock cap removed, the TSOP write points restored, and CPU thermal paste replaced. Essentially a nicely restored 128mb 1.0 motherboard that won't give me any trouble for! Optionally it would be nice to have the LPC pin headers installed in the case recovery is needed. I know there is a lot of time in that request between the caps and the ram, so please name your price. I'm in the US.
  7. i pulled my version 1.6 apart about a week ago to change the thermal paste on it. i wasn't able to get the gpu completely clean so i put some new paste on it and reassembled while i waited for my arcti-clean order to get here. the system did great during this time. today, i pulled it apart and cleaned it better this time and reapplied thermal paste. after doing that, i was testing a game(i also serviced the dvd reader) and it froze on me(i thought it was because of the dvd reader). i restarted the console and kept playing. the xbox seemed to do fine for several minutes of playing the game. so i turned my attention to getting the disk tray to function correctly. i was opening it and shutting it multiple times when the system suddenly started glitching graphically. i let it do it for just a few seconds while i wondered what the heck was going on and then i pulled the power cord. when i tried plugging it back in, the xbox started frag'ing. to make a long story short, the point i'm at now is that i can let the system stay unplugged for an hour or so and plug it back in and it will function fine for just a few minutes. after that, it will start graphically glitching or freeze. it will do this with both the dvd/hdd drives installed but also with them both completely removed(including the ide cable). it doesn't appear to be frag'ing anymore and i don't think the processors are getting too hot. none of the caps appear to be bulging. any idea what's wrong with this thing? google is not being very helpful.
  8. Hello, fellow OGers! That thermal compound from the factory is failing in our beloved consoles. It can lead to rising temps and possible chip failure. It's s pretty straightforward process to replace it, and I've put together a tutorial video to help you out if you haven't done it yet. Enjoy, and please share any comments you have. Thanks!

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