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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I’ve been trying to fix an Xbox which used to work perfectly. I tried to do the wii to hdmi mod and screwed it up, so put the old av port back on and confirmed all the pins going to where they should go, but it started fragging. I compared it with a working Xbox and found one line across the motherboard giving a strange diode reading of -1.1 or -1.0 when it should be 0.497 (red probe on ground). I’m attaching 2 photos showing a red line where this strange reading is. Any advice would be grateful.
  2. Hello, I have been trying to diagnose a no video scenario with one of my xbox that I originally thought was being caused strictly by a bad bios flash. I original posted some questions about it in flashing and bios forums, troubleshooting has lead me to believe that my main problem is now related to eeprom issue so I figured post should be here, as it is no longer relevant to those forums if that is incorrect and I should of just continued posting in one of those previous thread I apologize... This xbox originally had a dead hard drive so I tried to read the eeprom with ch341a and a test clip. Being 1.0 xbox there was not much room to fit the test clip and after many failed attempts I gave up with the clip. At this point I unsoldered the eeprom and read it directly on the reader, I obtained good read with no issues then resoldered the eeprom. I continued to flash the tsop with xblast and upgrade the ram to 128mb. ram test passed with no issues after many heat cycles. I proceeded to flash a new bios to the tsop, except I bumped the power at the end of the procedure got an incomplete flash with frag. I was able to test some of the other sections of the tsop with recommended 3 wire trick and the xbox would boot but with flashing green and no video. I tried bypassing tsop with Aladdin but again no video and flashing green. Thinking I corrupted the eeprom I desoldered the eeprom and verified contents match the backup, and resoldered the eprom. The last modchip I tried was xblast modded Aladdin and to my surprise the xbox boots with video like normal, I believe this bios is working because it is Cromwell/Gentoox based and is ignoring the eeprom. In looking at the eeprom, I can read and write the chip no problem off board but I cannot read/write it in circuit through lpc header.... when I hook up programmer through lpc I get a red light on the programmer indicating incorrect pin or short. I now think I must of shorted something out when fighting with the test clip originally. Anyone have any idea on what I might of fried or what area I should start looking? is there any motherboard schematics floating around? I'm not ready to banish this poor box to the parts bin yet if I can help it lol. again thank to all that have helped me.
  3. Does anyone know why my xbox is reading the cpu temp at 1077 degrees celcius when obviously that isnt the temperature of it? i have successfully recapped the motherboard and installed a makemhz xboxhdmi kit, as well as tsop flashed the console with the evox bios patched with the makemhz hdmi ips file. not sure if any of that would effect the reading the xbox gets.
  4. Hello guys, I have a faulty xbox that powers on and shutsdown by itself the first two power cycles (while bliking green/orange), and the it stays powered on for the third time while bliking red/green. The xbox does not show any image. I have a PAL system, and this happened when I used Enigma video mode switch (I have used it before with this console and everything worked just fine). From what I've read I suspect that the problem is some sort of corruption on the eeprom, so I decided to try read/erase/write the eeprom using a Raspberry PI. But after trying to redo all the solder work again and again (always trying to be very careful), PiPROM cannot find to manage any 0x54. Is it the solder work? Or it might be some other problem within the console (btw I'm using the console's PSU to power it). Best Regards
  5. Unable to flash BIOS. Error reading bios file (see pic). To me it sounds like I have a bad DVD burn? Just wanted to confirm. I did burn at the slowest write speed. Will re-burn again. -v1.1 mobo -XeXEn 2018 -Using Verbatium DVD+R media -Attempting to flash iND-BIOS.5004 (F and G) to use 2TB SATA HDD. Thanks in advance.
  6. Is there a tool to achieve this? I'm upgrading the HDD in my Xbox, and after the initial formatting I would like to load it with data from another PC using a sata connection instead of transferring over the network. I understand the Xbox formatted drive is a format Windows does not natively like, but is there a tool or Linux equivalent so I can mount the drive outside of the Xbox? Thanks again,

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