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Found 8 results

  1. Working on open sourcing this. Like the original programmer… but gives more visual feedback (made this before my chip version I released). Can program both XOS and PrometheOS. Works nice! Will be a bit because I have to revert things back from changes I made for chip version.
  2. Hi I wanted to use the xeniumprogrammer on one of my chips. It runs fine until the Verify part of the flash memory, I have looked for shorts and nothing out of the orinary. Everything seems fine.
  3. Reposted with pics on Imgur: https://imgur.com/gallery/rH19myY I need help flashing this corrupt Bios chip on my Og Xbox. Unfortunately this is the only way i can reflash it, as i attempted to flash it but forgot to bridge the points now my Og Xbox only works with a modchip. I got around to picking up a programmer TL866II Plus with Xgpro v11.90 Flasher tool. But i keep getting a pin detect error. I first tried it with a new exact replacement chip using a TSOP 40 adaptor. Then ended up losing that chip. And desoldered the one from the motherboard. I also removed the cold solder from the adaptors and added some fresh new high quality solder with flux to make sure that isn’t the problem. I socketed it into the slot and no luck “Pin detect error”. I then ordered another adaptor this time without a socket and i soldered on the bios chip. I also redid the solder joints, as the ones on that adaptor were dull aswell, and no luck. I picked up the correct or the closest settings on the Xgpro v11.90 software. I tried TSOP 40 Hyundai and Hynix HY29F080 with no luck. It yet again gives me a “Pin detect error”. I even tried auto detect and it says chip not supported. On the chip it says Hyundai HY29F080T-90, but i can’t find that exact model number on the menu. Could that be the issue or is it something else. I have no idea as this is my first time using a programmer. And saw a video or two on how to use it.
  4. I need some help on getting the flasher to work with the TSOP. I can read the TSOP (which is empty). But each time I start to flash I get this error: Pins Detected Passed! Erase ...Succeeded. Time : 0.406 S Programming FLASH ... Programming ...Failed I have added the W49F020T-90B by hand which is the same like the W49F020 which is supported by the programmer (But the W49F020 will fail as well). Even if i disable "Check ID" I get the same error. I have made a quick video and some pictures. I'm out of ideas what I could try next to get the damn bios on the winbond (if it's even possible). Pictures of the TSOP and adapter : https://imgur.com/a/mm5sTqw Video of me getting bitch slapped (each time) by the programmer telling me "NOPE!". (Sounds more funny as it is tbh.) : (link) https://youtu.be/7kPO-TZjkic
  5. Finally got around to making a GitHub for my OpenXenium chip programmer. Enjoy for those who want to make one https://github.com/dtomcat/XP-chip
  6. Anyone been able to use the app for the diymore Lattice USB Download Programmer on Windows 10 and are there drivers for x64? The only file pack I found and downloaded, is unable to install the drivers, If I try to update manually through device manager it says drivers found but they maybe currept and unable to install.
  7. Realized a while ago the Xbox is x86 based and figured it would be interesting to reveres engineer it and learn about how the hardware works. I'm looking at creating my own entry point from scratch, whenever I find a console for a reasonable price. I also used to be able to micro solder almost a decade ago, dunno if my hands are still as good. So I could technically write code for what people call a mod chip, if I found a board diagram mostly that would be a key point in prospering as that's going to be hell if I have to document all of the board on my own lol!!!!!! On my bucket list is: * My own entry point * Full optimization of the chipsets. Cpu, Gpu etc * Looking at a potential bare minimum linux build to handle wine mostly to be able to program in linux or windows at that point. That's really about it. I'll probably end up sandboxing xbox software from existence practically, if the hdd is installed I would assume if that works. I'm hoping to inspect the hard drive file system and how the system handles reading the drive and see if I can create a entry point there instead. Initiate everything on run time to take over the console. Probably create a backup of the disc image for upload. I won't know until I get my hands on a console. But attacking how the hdd gets handled might help unlock the whole hdd locked ordeal I've been told of. As for linux and wine I'm hoping depending on how I have to write this someone will fork my work, I plan to export everything to the point a scripting language could register my cpu function optimizations and what not. Handle it a easy way or something. Should be a mater of someone grabbing the disk image and start programming in something much easier like C or something. I have a lot to learn I'm sure!!
  8. So whatever code is running on the xenium clones I have does not like anything being on the flash other than their own modified xenium os 1.0. They're still happily recognized by the flasher tool, even after flashing 2.3.1 to them. but I accidentally overwrote the flash.bin when I went to write it back. Learn my ass for not fully reading shit and madly clicking. TL:DR: I'm an idiot and need a JTAG programmer to flash the openxenium code to my xenium clones. Would this work?(page auto-translated from Russian) Got all the parts to piece it together, so its a helluva lot cheaper and quicker than buying a programmer online.

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