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About Me

  1. Hello, I have a modded original Xbox that has coin-ops 8 on it. I have a USB trackball and mouse that work perfectly for it on games like centipede and similar to that. I just recently bought a GRS USB spinner for it, but it doesn't recognize it. I've gone as deep in the settings as possible, but it still won't work. I've even sent the spinner back for a replacement thinking it must be a bad spinner, but it's still the same problem with the new one. But yet the cheap mouse I bought at Walmart for $8.00 works on the games perfectly. Does anyone know of a spinner out there that would work for my setup. I also saw a product called a Wingman XB that is supposed to let you use all sorts of modern PC and gaming controllers on the original Xbox. I can't find any info about it making any spinners work for it though. Can someone here help please? P.S. this GRS spinner is supposed to act like a USB mouse that just uses the horizontal axis.
  2. (Cross-posting from Reddit having done further testing to see if anyone has any other ideas on how to fix this) My hard-modded Xbox 1.2 with OpenXenium and Cerbios 2.3.2 Alpha set as the default BIOS has an issue where it'll take several attempts to boot fully into XBMC4Gamers. If I power the machine on, the power, eject button and controller port lights come on, the DVD drive clicks a couple of times and the disk activity light stays solidly on for 5-10 seconds before stopping. The machine will then get stuck on a black screen and I have to power cycle it. I've noticed that the Xbox seems less likely to boot successfully if I boot it up 'cold' for the first time in several days or weeks whereas it's more likely to boot if I try it 4 or 5 times in quick succession. The machine has the following: XboxHD+ Revision 3C (the issue still occurred when I was using a component cable instead of HDMI) iND-BiOS, EvoX M8 Plus 1.0.5838.1 and Cerbios 2.3.2 Alpha added via the OpenXenium launch menu - the issue occurs with all 3 BIOSes Crucial MX500 2TB SSD connected via a StarTech IDE to SATA adaptor Brook Wingman XB2 paired wirelessly with official Xbox Series X controller - I've noticed when using Cerbios that the controller pairs successfully even when the machine gets stuck on a black screen? replacement capacitors clock capacitor removed DVD drive belt replaced 128MB RAM upgrade I bought the Xbox pre-modded on eBay and the last 3 items on that list were done by the seller. Other hardware mods like the XboxHD+ installation and replacement capacitors were done by the trusted UK modder I use. I've tried rebuilding the C:\ drive using an OG Xbox Installer 2021 DVD (or at least manually doing the equivalent using the built-in file manager as some of the files were failing to read off the drive) but that didn't make a difference. Once the machine has booted fully, it seems pretty stable and I've been able to complete several games on the system. Any ideas what can be done to get the machine to boot more reliably? If it's a hardware issue, I don't have any soldering skills but I don't mind sending it off to get it looked at - I'm just hoping that the issue is fixable as I don't really want the hassle of purchasing a replacement console and having to transplant everything over.
  3. Has anyone in the history of the modern world ever gotten a USB spinner to work on their modded Xbox? I've looked everywhere on the internet and it looks like someone is going to land on Pluto before anyone gets a USB spinner to work on a modded Xbox.
  4. Hey all. It’s time I start to get rid of some of my pickups over the past year or so. I have around 25 or so, fully working consoles that have all been cleaned and modded. Clock caps removed on all boards under 1.6. I have all different sizes of HDDs in both SATA and IDE from 80GB up to 2TB. SATA options will include the needed adapters and 80 wire cables from Kekule. Everything under 1.6 is TSOP or has a mod chip. Most chips are xecuter 2.3 & 2.6. Prices of course will vary depending on HDD size and type and wether they have a chip or not. Most of them are empty mods waiting for games and emulators of your choice. I can also add those if needed. Again everything is tested and working and will be a clean, fresh mod, without old game saves and such. Couple of these are Crystal edition. For those that just want soft mods, that can be arranged too if you’re not capable or don’t have the necessary tools to do so. I also have 3-4 PAL PSU in different models for those that acquire imports and need replacements LEDs are also optional for controller ports. I also have some pretty cool spare parts that don’t pop up very often. I’d much rather let them go here than dump them on FeeBay. Located in Virginia, USA. Feel free to send a DM or post here directly. Everything needs to go, but I’m not doing lowball deals.
  5. Limited Edition Japanese “Skeleton” Xbox for sale! This is my whole collection I’ve been working on for 5 years. I have lost interest in it and it just sits around unused. I’d like it to go to someone who would actually enjoy it! Everything is tested and working except for the wireless controllers. I recently picked those up and have not tested them. It’s possible they work just fine. Minor cosmetic scuffs on everything but does not effect functionality. A cracks on the Xbox itself, mostly around where the case screws go. One of the corners does have damage. See pics. Asking for $650 or best offer shipped in the US. PayPal only. Let me know if you have any questions! What’s included: - Limited Edition Japanese “Skeleton” Xbox - 4 special edition controllers - 3 wireless controllers (untested) - Pound HDMI adapter - Madcatz HD component/composite cable - 3 controller extension cables - 1 controller port to usb female adapter - power cable Mods: - TSOP flashed 1.4v motherboard w/ EvoX bios - 128mb ram upgrade - Startech IDE to Sata adapter - 80 wire IDE cable - 1TB SSD drive - Insignia Live setup (account/gamertag will be included) - DVD drive delete - XBMC-Emustation Dashboard - RGB lights
  6. There's a Unity version for the Xbox 360 that I want to use but I need a hard modded console for it. That or a way to turn my unmodded 360 to a homebrew console. Can someone that sells a 360 reach out to me here? I don't know if I should ask here but I have no other place to go to right now. Meerjel01
  7. I bought a modded xbox a few years ago and I really enjoyed it. I got it out to test recently and it stopped working. Got a flashing red light on the power button and got this error message with a white number in the corner. Most of the time I tried it was a 12 but I got 7 a few times. Is there any way to fix this?
  8. Does anyone have a link for an LED strip made for a modded Og xbox case? Saw a you tube video of one being made a few years back but it seems they are no longer available. The DVD cables were tapped to power the strip. Would like to find something similar. Any suggestions welcomed. Thanks
  9. I have hard modded xbox with aladin chip is there a guide to installing new dashboard to xbox
  10. Hi all, dug out my old xbox original which was last booted up around 15 years or more ago to find it not working as I left it. It's an xbox original with a Xenium modchip in it (one of the ones that you push in and then have a wire that sits in one of the solder holes - picture attached). As an additional problem I can't remember a thing about how it is set up or where the wire should be or what the extension cable (which currently not connected) even does and can't find any of my old notes on it. So any/ all help very much appreciated as to how to proceed on this. Basically, when you switch it on, it currently flashes green three times then goes to a green, red, green, red repeating colour change. If I move the wire out of the hole that it was located in, then it boots into normal mode and I can set the time etc. As soon as I put the wire back to where it was, then it does the not booting and colour sequence as above. Pic attached of modchip. If more information is helpful on something specific please let me know!.
  11. I have two consoles for sale. First one is a Japanese smoke/skeleton with the following: recapped 1.4 motherboard recapped power supply 128MB ram upgrade Xbox HD+ HDMI Open Xenium 2TB HDD - Brand new retail drive with warranty Startech SATA adapter Chimeric Systems 80 wire ide cable MCPX heatsink blue/red led front panel(OEM panel with led replacements) Working Thomson DVD with new belt. Cannot guarantee longevity. TSOP is flashed with M8 Plus as a backup Asking $750 shipped Second one is a regular crystal with the following: 1.6 motherboard 128MB ram upgrade Open Xenium 200GB IDE drive blue/red led front panel(OEM panel with led replacements) Flaky Samsung DVD that works sometimes and mostly does not. Does have a crack in the button surround Asking $350 shipped - price is due to the work involved with the 128MB ram upgrade. I can also change things up on the crystal if you want a different hard drive or HD+ installed, recap work etc.
  12. i've asked this question here before but was unable to locate what i needed. i would really like to play marvel ultimate alliance with the extra characters that came out later on the xbox360. does anyone know of a version of this game with the characters modded in that will play on my hard modded og xbox?
  13. Hey all , I have a hard modded Xbox with xenium installed , I don’t have a old harddrive with bios , I have he hdmi+ installed and it’s working I connect my Xbox via hdmi, I can’t seem to get a bios to load , I can’t load hexen cause I don’t have a dash board , I formatted the c and e partition via xenium , every other partition I get failed to format .. I get the error 16 lots , I Tryed ftp m8plus but it won’t work .. I have a version 1.6 mother board .. what am I doing wrong ? I have a hexen dvd made but it won’t load cause I don’t have a dashboard I guess .. I have a new 2tb harddrive .. i can boot into xenium but that’s it
  14. I bought an xbox on ebay and now I noticed somethings I didn't before. Can anyone identify what is in the picture. I appoligize If this is in the wrong category this is my first post. In the first picture it is those 2 dots next to the disc tray. In the second picture it's the blue output. And in the third there appears to be something coming out of the controller. Also this was advertised as an xecuter 2 mod chipped xbox, and I paid $90.

    Xbox EvoX Fix?

    I hope someone can help, I am very new to this. I found my original xbox in the loft, when I boot it loads showing EvoX (pink logo) in the top left corner. It then seems to boot open the original dash. I heard the PAL system was locked so you couldn't access the HD scaling. Is there anything I can do to unlock the 720p / 1080i features to get better visuals on my 4k TV? I found a forum saying I could use a DVD and burn HeXEn bios onto it or something then run that in the Xbox to unlock the features? But when I tried to burn this to a DVD-RW it would not let me on my PC? Sorry, I know you probably get this a lot from newbies! Cheers.
  16. i have recently been playing xmen: legends on my hard modded xbox. this is the 1st time i have done this. i have played this game through many times and i have noticed a couple glitches that i have never seen before. this is the first time i have ever played it from the hdd on a hard modded xbox. this is also the 1st time i have ever played it through on a v1.4 xbox. most of the times in the past were on my v1.6 and once on a v1.0. both used the disc. so i'm not certain if it is that i am playing it for the 1st time from the hdd or that i'm playing from a v1.4 xbox for the 1st time. thoughts?
  17. I am looking for a blue xbox configured with the front faceplate like the above. Thank you.
  18. Xbox original controller modded communicator shell with power button and USB port.... This requires modifications to be done to the console for this to function with the power button. USB port works as is. make sure you Google what this is before you ask me any questions. $20 USA Shipped. Cash App or PayPal goods and services only
  19. Xbox Original Modded Console. Custom Painted with Case Window and LEDs. Controller Custom Painted. RGB AV Cable. Power Cord. $160 USA Shipped Cashapp or PayPal goods and services.
  20. Hi There! I have 4 ultimately identical original Xboxes, all with clock capacitors removed, all TSOPed less for one has a Aladdin XT due to a bad TSOP flash, all with a IDE-> SATA, 80 pin IDE cables and a 1TB Drive. The drive comes pre-images with Xbmc4gamers and a variety of content (the drive is nearly full). The DVD drives in all 4 are non-functional and in some cases removed completely. Each console comes with two controllers, power, AV and a IR adapter. The drives have a full backup of everything stored in a folder (eeprom, hdkey, bios dump, etc.) and raindrop installed so you can re-flash with your preferred bios / bios configuration. They are excellent base consoles to get into a modded OG Xbox if say you wanted to put a much larger drive and the newly released bioses. I'm in the US and will only ship to the US at actual cost. I'm asking $150 per bundle. If interested please DM me and I will throw them on eBay (for both of our protections) and we can close the deal! Thank You! Edge-`
  21. So I bought my XB from Ebay. It shipped with Aladdin plus modchip ( booted with blue Logo and text ) but running to original MS Dashboard. I assumed previous owner just want to run the game dvds and didnt need the dashboard thought. Its HDD is locked so plug to PC is impossible. I have tested several disc with its dvd player and can confirm its Samsung DVD is now dead. Id like to ask if there is anyway to install the Evox dashboard to its HDD or will it work if I format and copy EvoX dashboard to new HDD and plug it to the console? Thank you.
  22. Hi all, I had originally posted in softmods regarding a softmodded Xbox that would throw an Error 07 whenever booting from a newly cloned drive. Now, I can't even boot properly into the dashboard with the original HDD because it will just reboot constantly so I think this part of my problem might be more at home here. Revision is a 1.1 (Kernel 4817). Softmodded with Rocky5's Softmodding tool (use SC Pal save exploit from a USB stick) - all went flawlessly. Before putting the xbox all together, I thought I'd clean the underside of the motherboard and while I was at it, remove the old thermal paste and repaste. I used a hair dryer on low with a couple of temp spikes to speed up the process on the GPU. After my problems with the new cloned drive, I gave up and thought I'd just use the console as is for now, cause I can still play my physical games. However, I'm confronted with a new problem : It will do the boot animation and then 2 scenarii : 1) If I'm on my new Tv with my component cable (had to resolder everything cause I misinterpreted the schematics as being from the back but it now works properly as I see the boot sequence -s can this badly soldered cable have shorted omething?) : I get a black screen with the occasional flicker. 2) Now, on my LCD PC monitor I'll have either a) it boots and I can go about the menu and all, played a game (too scratched to really start but menu was there, buggy music but working). or b) the picture flickers and I catch a glimpse of the boot menu for a split sec and it disappears. I tried going to applications and enigmah to change it back to pal, but my monitor seems unbothered by that (recognises ntsc fine) and every time I press down, thinking I'll be in applications, next flicker I see of the menu, it's back at the top, meaning it's actually rebooted in the meantime. Here's a video to visualise it : https://imgur.com/a/EmA5mmy I've managed to have a stable boot and changed Enigmah back to Pal to be on the safe side. Now, I checked for continuity on all traces, on MadMartigan's advice, and they beep effortlessly. Here is a pic of both sides. I know top looks pretty gnarly but all was cleaned with 90% alcohol and cotton swabs. I didn't scrub it though. https://imgur.com/a/y72odPm The little transistor O7G1, right from the original clock cap on the second picture, looks a bit weird at the pads. Could this play a part? How would I test it? Thanks in advance for your insights and time! Cheers
  23. Hello Folks, i have a xbox since 2001, about 2004 i put a duo x2 chip but never really explored much the emulators, etc. My dvd drive is kaput, maybe it can read again with some cleaning and tweaking the lenses ( in ps2 it worked for the rest of the lenses life) but id like to read my hard drive before it fails and clone it to a ssd. How do do this? I can plug the disk to a computer and its just a normal disk clone?
  24. I have a modded xbox with lcd and x3 chip full front panel mod fully working is it worth anything in thr UK was thinking of putting it on ebay

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