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About Me

  1. Hey guys so anyways, I was trying to install addons for xbmc4xbox, but when it tries to install the add on, it gives me a error, the error says “Error - Install Impossible” idk what to do about it so can you help me please?
  2. Hi I installed an Analog2HDMI in my xbox 1.0 with the help of these PCBs: Everthing went smooth video looks great but sadly no audio. I have booted into original dash and turned off dolby surround to surround and ac3 and dts off butr still no luch. Is there a fix for it? I checked everything with a multimeter and the scematics and seems to be good there.
  3. Hi, I have a 1.4 revision Xbox which is modchipped with a generic Aladdin XT Plus2, it was modified many years back and was working normally when put away, Now when I turn it on, I get 1 green flash followed by red flashing of the LED. It does not matter the modchip I use which are all Aladdins, and have been proven tested/working in other consoles. The power LED initially flashes green once and then red. No video/audio on TV. I should add, it is only the left half of the LED that is flashing. I suspected it was due to the trace rot repair, but reversing this did not help. It was working normally when put away. The console powers up without even the front panel buttons connected. No solder splashes that I can see. Attempting to reverse the mod entirely (removing D0 point grounding and chip) I get FRAG.
  4. Hi friends! as title says I get error 16 every time I boot with Cerbios , and i get that error with m8+ too when i turn on Xbox with eject tray ,everything were fine before I decided to give 128mb ram upgrade a shot on my 1.6 OGxbox , I have deleted and formatted all the partitions and installed everything from scratch still i am getting that error , I dont know that if it is hardware related or not please help me I am out of patience by trial and error
  5. Hi all. I finally managed to get cerbios loaded up (turned Modchip protection off!) and have loaded up some games. The problem is when I try and download artwork installer, I get this message. Does anyone have any idea what this means and how to fix it?
  6. I haven't used my og Xbox for a while I decided I wanted it set up and to play it again did all of that and it goes to boot up gives me a display but shows the contact service center with error code 12. I looked up the code and it points to the dvd drive. I've opened it cleaned it and still no luck. What are my options would a hard mod and no dvd bios be a better fix than replacing the drive? Or would buying a parts machine be better. Thanks Kyran.
  7. I was trying to softmod my xbox by unlocking it using PiPROM and after many attempts I was successful. After I was done checking the drive, I locked the drive again with the same eeprom.bin, then plugged the drive back into the xbox and power cycled the console. I power cylcled the xbox and i get error 6. is there possibly ANY way i could get this drive working again with this xbox?
  8. Good evening, I'm trying to fix an xbox that I've bought online that states the "Your Xbox requires service" with no error code everytime I try to play a game. Weirdly there is one game that I'm able to play. A crappy demo CD with a few games, and I can only play the FIFA 2005! The xbox was unopened when I bought it and I already managed to debrief a few things, the DVD player is fine, the IDE cables that connect the DVD to the motherboard also seem fine (tested the dvd power connector for continuity on each pin). Since I'm able to use the main dashboard I can also access the hard drive, it lets me erase save's , so it seems that the xbox is able to read and write on the HDD. At this moment I'm not sure what to explore further , nothing too weird on the motherboard too, all caps seem fine. PSU doesn't seem to have any trouble too.. Any ideas? I'm lingering towards something in between the PATA and the MCPX.. but it seems like a longshot. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi all, Hoping to get some help on this one as i'm really stumped. Problem: I'm restoring an Xbox and trying to get a fresh built HDD paired with a motherboard using nulled (1's) key, but still getting E06. Steps I've taken: 1. Built a fresh drive using XBHDM, locked the HDD with all 1's, and verified it boots correctly into a working soft modded xbox with nulled HDD key in the EEPROM (all 1's). 2. Read the EEPROM of the target motherboard using PiPROM, edited the eeprom.bin file to null the HDD key with 1's and written this back to the EEPROM. 3. Read the EEPROM again and verified its indeed now all 1's in the HDD Key. 4. Installed the newly created and locked HDD from step 1 into the target motherboard. 5. Error 06 Other info that may or may not be relevant? * HDD i'm building is an original 8/10?GB Seagate drive, but i've also tried two original WD drives in step #1 and the same issue arises. * Target motherboard revision is a v1.1 Any ideas whats going on here?
  10. I bought a modded xbox a few years ago and I really enjoyed it. I got it out to test recently and it stopped working. Got a flashing red light on the power button and got this error message with a white number in the corner. Most of the time I tried it was a 12 but I got 7 a few times. Is there any way to fix this?
  11. I need help. I cloned my 1.5 tb WD Green HDD to my new Hitachi 3tb Hdd and now when ever I boot it gives me an error 13. I'm using ind-bios .5004 and I tried using the heimdall engineering disc to reinstall the dashboards and repair them, but I still get the same error. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to try next. My console is hardmodded with an alladin xt chip and it ran fine before the cloning on the previous HDD.
  12. First of all im sorry if this is in the wrong place i couldnt find an Xbox support section on the forum and this seem like the most correct place. I burnt Hexen to a DVD and then after there was nothing showing up on the disc so i double checked the iso by mounting it and then it said its corrupted. I'm using the Hexen 2018 disc from this website. I also tried downloading from both Mega and mediafire and i'm getting the same problems. When I try opening the disc when its mounted i get this. This is what showed up on the disc after burning. I didn't want to test it in my xbox incase something went wrong. I wanted to check with people that are more experienced then me as i only just got my Hard modded xbox. Link i used to download Hexen 2018
  13. I've tried to boot with a newly formatted 2TB SATA HDD, and have been having issues... Cerbios Hybrid 2.3.1 UDMA5: Stays on the Boot Animation. M8Plus Titan & Stock (TSOP): Error 21. XBlastOS: Black screen, jumps back into XeniumOS The chip has XeniumOS 2.3.5. The drive has been formatted with FatXplorer using the Cerbios preset, and is unlocked. The only data on the HDD is the default C:\ contents from the XBOXHDM build of Rocky5's installer along with cerbios.ini and the BootAnims folder. I used CerbiosTool to generate the ini and have set "DashPath1" to "C:\xboxdash.xbe" and "DriveSetup" to 1 (No HDD, Legacy), with everything else being "stock". Does anyone know what could be the problem? UPDATE: Turns out it was an issue with using Rocky5's softmod files on a hardmod. I fixed this by just copying Rocky5's UnleashX build from xbins onto the C:\ partition.
  14. I got a lockable hard drive I wrote the Xbox dashboard files to the hard drive but when I tried to lock it and then put it back in my Xbox .my Xbox came up with error six so I checked the hard drive password again and they were the exact same.
  15. Tried to turn my Xbox on, it attempted to start 2 times and stayed on the 3rd with blinking orange/green lights at the same time (half orange, half green) and no A/V output. It is a 1.1 and I have removed the clock cap and jumped some trace rot that was causing it to turn on whenever it was plugged it, but the flashing and lack of A/V out persists. I have a reddit thread that has video of the error lights and shots of the main board and power board before clock cap and trace repairs. I am stumped. I cannot find that error anywhere and I don't have much experience diagnosing Xbox problems. Any help would be great.
  16. ka5ug4

    Error 21 repair?

    I tried to load a DVD-R of the Rocky5 extras disc (trying to TSOP flash with a lost usb cable and nonworking Ethernet), and now my system throws up an error 21 on boot... The HDD refuses to be recognized by fatxplorer (could the locking be the cause?) after attaching it to my PC via this adapter. I'm considering just trying a modchip, although the only I found so far (OpenXenium) requires internet for a BIOS flash, so I'm hoping there's a way to make this drive bootable again.
  17. Hi all, First of all, I'd like to thank Rocky5 and all involved in the softmodding tool, that really is a painless way to softmod. 18 years ago I was reading unofficial magazines on Xbox mods and was baffled by all that's possible and I'm glad I can start doing similar stuff thanks to you! I'm seeking help in the following problem, I posted this on Reddit but maybe you guys will have a better idea of what's going on here. I have seen several topics with the same problems over different boards but have yet to find a solution. I hope you guys don't mind. I've been stuck on this for the past few days. I'm trying to clone my hard drive (Seagate ST310211A, the 10GB one). I've tried using a WD3200AAJS, which was listed as working on x-pecs by multiple accounts, but haven't had luck as it returns Error 11 (missing/malfunctioning dvd drive). I know for a fact the drive is fine because when I plug everything back together with the stock drive, the console boots properly. Now, the WD is rated for 0.68A at 5v and 12v, so I looked up the current rating for the stock Seagate, which is here : Since the WD was quite a bit higher I took another hard drive I had lying around (Hitachi HTB-DS7AE100(B) ). Now I hadn't seen anything telling me this drive would be lockable or anything but I gave it a try nonetheless. Chimp recognized it fine and the clone went smoothly and it locked okay. The drive is rated for 0.42A for both 5 and 12v, so I thought it'd work better now. Still no luck as I get error 11 again. I do have a new 80 wire 40 pin cable, and am using the startech adaptor. The cable works fine with the stock drive, and the startech adaptor has good reputation, so I'm really at a loss here. Jumper switched back from slave to master (forgot it once and had error 7 this time). Can it be the hard drive drawing too much current and not leaving enough for the dvd drive? Dvd drive tray opens and closes even with error 11, everything's plugged in tight. I'm really at a loss here so any help is greatly appreciated, even if it's just 'buy this HDD, it works fine with the startech adaptor' !
  18. So after installing the mod chip and uninstalling the mod chip. the hard drive i forgot to lock. now im getting error 5 means it needs locking. i do how ever have another modded xbox. can i put the hard drive in the modded 1 . lock it using the tools and put it back in the unmoded console again any help please. just need to get it locked again
  19. Getting error 12 and I feel like I've tried everything... cleaned the laser, the pcb, checked my wires and connections, everything seems good the drive even seems to work fine lol. I've got a mod chip on the way but it won't be here until March sometime probably this is super annoying.. although the laser resistance is reading 3.6k no matter how much I try to adjust it it seems stuck at the resistance. Everything else seems good even checked all the resistors on the pcb by the ide cable. Here's a video of the error code and the drive https://streamable.com/12oewm heres a pic of the only other thing that looks possibly damaged https://i.ibb.co/7yRzBqB/327869220-5958167487563144-7908614504502997769-n.jpg it's the right corner of the pcb attached to the laser but its hard to tell bcause I've never seen another one. If I can't fix this I'm going to have to wait at least a month for the Stellar mod to show up Somebody help me please!!
  20. still having this issue i get freezing/buzzing at the flubber logo with my hdd installed with everything correctly in place using the FatXplorer 3.0 beta to build/preload the drive and I have EVo bios installed too so hdd locking shouldn't be an issue i get a 07 (hdd time out) with no hdd installed (pretty obvious)
  21. haven't used my xbox's in a while. been recently trying them with insignia though. on one of my hardmodded xbox, i have xbmc4gamers as my homescreen. when i go to the down loader to try and download anything i always get some type of urlloader error. this even happens when i select the updater. please help.
  22. This is happening on a stock console btw, I've read that the Microsoft logo appearing indicates an XBE has been found to launch so it's more likely to be something besides the HDD, there's no error code or change in LED color. I could put a chip in it and see what happens but maybe someone else who's seen this before could share their experience and save me some time.
  23. djmnts

    Fixing Error 16

    I have an original xbox that has the dreaded error 16. I researched fixing this many years ago and at the time seemed like too much trouble. I'm wondering if there are any new methods that don't require a second HDD to swap back and forth? From my most resent research it sounds like there might be a way to bypass the issue to fix it using a dvd? Any help would be appreciated!
  24. Good afternoon people!! Guys can someone help me fix my Xbox it was working normally but with a while XBMC started to crash very often not only it but the games too until it crashed with an error 09. One hour you turn it on and it works more crashes after one time and another he already gives the error. It already crashed with the following errors 07,08,09,13 and 21. and apparently "Partition E" is self-corrupting causing the video game to run out of dash and causing the error. Does anyone know how to fix this error, My HD is a 500gbs Western WD Green. https://www.mediafire.com/file/z51tk6qossm3y3t/20221101_151404.mp4/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/k77g7gwuueaike7/20221101_151441.mp4/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/ubbwh7pj0ysu7lj/20221101_151458.mp4/file
  25. The CDDB database that was active when XBMC 3.5.3 came out is no longer up. There are others out there. But I need to know how to change the server. With kodi, you can modify the advancedsettings.xml, but I see no such file for the xbox version. Any way to do this?... Or am I gonna be browsing my CD's by "Unknown Artists" and rocking out to "Track 1, Track 2, and Track 3"?

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