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Found 8 results

  1. https://www.amazon.com/Card-Adapter,SD-Memory-Adapter-Converter/dp/B08SK4G7RP So why not? With a CD drive delete and no ide cable this would create lots of room for mods . And being able to take out the SD and load stuff seems faster. And is cheaper than most of the HDD options .
  2. I have installed a USB SD Card reader onto Controller Port 1 and that part appears to work great! Unfortunately however, the controller "locks" and will not respond! Im wondering if the 4GB limit might apply to the Controller I/O Scheme causing it to "leak over" the current limit installed as port 2 also does the same thing and it also has a USB Reader also attached to it as well. The controller DOES FUNCTION great in ports 3 and 4 where the USB is NOT installed.
  3. For the second time in 18 months I've just lost use of another genuine MS Xbox Memory card. The memory card hadn't had anything written to it for months although many games access any attached memory devices so you can load a backup save from them. Then suddenly out of the blue this week it started displaying consistently as 0MB free space in the file manager, particularly after rebooting. It was quite full, only three blocks left so I tried deleting a couple of large saves when it, occasionally, started working again. That didn't help at all. I tried other controllers/slots/controller ports too - no joy in any case. The card is still recognised as being attached and when using the MS dash you can see the content although it takes a good minute to appear. What you can't do is write to it or delete anything. Very similar story for the first memory card too. Became unusable in the same way. Anyone else had an experience of MS Xbox 8MB memory cards going bad?
  4. Greetings and Salutations I CANT FIND THE ORIGINAL LINUX SAVE ON MY HD ... dose anyone know where it is? i have a soft modded XBox that i modded with the old SplinterCell and USB hack. I wanted to copy the original softmod hack files to a new USB, because I originally used an old MP3 player and formatting it with XFAT and wiping the OS has shortened its life. I have a New USB. I have copied the SP_save (and also quite a few little extra files I would like to keep) SO I thought to myself if I could swap and re-swap the 2 USB’s and move SID to the HD once more and then back to the NEW USB BUT the XBox says [save game already exists do you want to replace?] i’m pretty sure I don’t want to touch the original save ! dose anyone know where it is?
  5. With the eventual goal of creating a very slimmed down xbox I took one of the cheap SD to IDE adapters and modified it into this. Desoldered the existing male header; soldered a female header onto the back for a direct motherboard connection. Soldered the power connection to the DVD header to keep wires from running across the board. Unfortunately this meant the openxenium install was to tall; so that got a direct solder to the motherboard.
  6. Selling my Raptor PCI Card. This card goes in a computer and connects to a development kit Xbox to facilitate the DVD emulation feature that dev kits support. For more info on what this card is, see here: https://xboxdevwiki.net/DVD_Emulator I bought the card brand new a few months ago. I installed it into my PC and planned on trying to use it with my dev kit, but sold the dev kit before I got to using it. It's in perfect condition. Price: $120 shipped to lower 48 states in the U.S. (if located elsewhere, pm me for shipping rates) Contact me here (reply or PM) or email me directly at my username at gmail dot com. Payment via PayPal (preferred). Shipping via USPS or FedEx. Will be shipped in anti-static bag. Photos -> Full-size: https://i.imgur.com/Do8VKl2.jpg Full-size: https://i.imgur.com/dRQo5N0.jpg More photos available upon request.
  7. Hi - I've recently picked up the orange xbox live beta tester memory card but it didn't come with the matching cap. Does anyone in the community have an orange cap they would sell or trade me? I've attached a pic I found online of what the caps look like. I appreciate your time and help tracking one down.
  8. Zachwsays on Reddit made this nice and pretty simple little mod to turn the Xbox on and off using the controller and a memory card. Now I have to do this.... grrr!

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