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About Me

  1. Hello I just instaled Project stellar and Hd+ to my Xbox 1.3. After the install the console boots up everything workes okay for 1-2 min, but then the xbox fan spikes up and the console flash orange for overheating. The fan do spike up for a second when you turn the xbox on to. The image was very green to. I removed clock capasitor and changed the ones on CPU and cleaned the board and looked at every thing and all look fine no corrotion. The xbox did worke with an old aladdin mode chip before. Any ide of what the problem can be? Sorry for my bad English. Thanx
  2. First say hello to the members! After years i found my xbox again . I have a 1.0 with a xecuter 1 modchip and i replaced the dvd drive to a Samsungs SD 616. I thought i would be nice to have a modifed box with more than my 80GB HDD. So tried my best. I solderd out the old modchip, replaced it with a cheap aladdin from aliexpress an removed the capacitor for the clock. Now i have the problems. I got an error 16 when i started up the box. No EvoX logo is shown on the screen. No DVD like OGXbox Installer ist working so far. The led on the modchip ist red when turned on. I tried this with the old cable and old hdd. I think the modchip is not working. What are the possible problems? Did I some mistakes with soldering? Is the modchip garbage? Should i flash the chip out of the modchip. If this is correct. Witch cheap programmer should i use. Thanks for your help!. eisbier
  3. Hey, Im a new member. Nice to meet yall. Hopefully i will get to know lots about the og xbox and have a good time. (English not my language, but i will do my best) So i have a problem and perhaps i could get some assistance here. I was gifted an og xbox, it was to be taken apart piece by piece and i said no no no lets see if i can do something about it. Took it home, power it on and after some attempts sure enough i get image asking for time and date. Deleted all save files and bought a game, game works. When the console is on and working theres no problem whatsoever. So the console works, reads discs and saves to hdd. The console is not modified in any form it seems. I opened it up today for the first time and it has the original 10gb hdd, and the dashboard is stock. I removed the clock capacitor and it now asks for time and date. It had not leaked as far as i could tell. Looked around, did not see anything bizarre, just some dust. But i know nothing about this really so its my guess is it was ok, but im not sure. All connections seemed secure inside. Also AV cable and power chord are firmly in place when FRAG. Console is 1.1 version according to kernel. But it FRAG sometimes, everyday actually. So ill try to explain. If i leave the console alone for a few hours after last session, and come back to power it on, it FRAG. The longer i leave it alone, the harder it is to get it to boot and have video. I have to keep to powering it on and off and eventually it displays video. I get no video when it does FRAG, no error codes. The FRAG is, it tries to boot two or three times, then flashes red and green. Other strange thing is if i keep trying to eject the tray i will get video sooner i believe. So that helps. Also it does a noise, 2 or 3 times. The noise is exactly the noise from this video i found on reddit (in fact this is the same thing happening to my console, to a T, except mine eventually works)(hope the link is not against rules): Im hoping its just the hdd dying because i intend to softmod and install a 2tb i have laying around. That im able to do. But im a noob so i dont know how to read voltages, solder and all that stuff. But if there is anything simple i could do to try to fix this, im all ears. Ill have a look around the forum to try and see all the good info around. Thanks a lot in advance! Cheers
  4. Hello, I have an original Xbox (can't determine which version, looks like 1.4 or 1.5) modded with Aladdin Advance. It worked well until today - I decided to update the bios with EvoX D.6 EjectFix (checksum 74c6235497f474bf88b54b3fc52a20b2). Bin file with it was placed on my HDD so I presumed that it's ok to flash it. After flashing, my Xbox turned off and when I turned it on, it startet to FRAG (two green flashes, then green/red flash with no video). What have I done? How I can undone it?
  5. After the 128mb installation, I get no sound. I tried testing everything and still no luck on sound. It plays all the games fine and no other issues. This is a v1.4 board. Let me know if you guys know anything I should look out for. I tried wiggling wires and pressing down on certain areas where the av is. I also tried reflowing the joint for the av port but still no luck. Any advice would be great. Thanks!
  6. Softmodded the box I repaired recently ( I'll keep that aladdin chip for my box once it's sorted. ) Booted a few times now to confirm.. this is what's being reported? Anyone have a suggestion? Sensor(s) failure or software issue?
  7. So I have a 1.6 Xbox that I softmodded with UnleashX few years ago and it's been great. Last week I was playing it just fine, got tired and turned it off for the night. Couple days later it wouldn't boot up at all, id hit the power button and it would attempt to boot for like half second then turn off. Opened it up to see 5 capacitors bulging on the bottom right of the motherboard under the CPU/GPU area. So I ordered replacement caps and installed them and now I'm getting a FRAG with no video output. I've been trying to diagnose for few days. I've swapped out the power supply with known working 1.6 PSU, I've tried swapping back to my original HDD from before the softmod all to no help. I've checked voltages at PSU connector, my issue seems to be the inductor (L2F1) isn't getting the 1.7vdc it should be getting from researching on this site. I've checked the transistor next to the L2F1 and getting 5vdc on one side and 1.7vdc on the other. I've checked the transistor (Q7C2) and getting 3.3vdc at the collector. Any help would be appreciated as I'd hate to make it a parts xbox thanks. Edit: I mightve connected a older revision PSU (1.1-1.4v) without noticing in a attempt to rule out power supply. But have since checked two different 1.6v PSU with no effect.
  8. I had to do some maintenance on my disk drive, but now my SSD is asking to format and the key is all bugged, is this a problem with my SSD (maybe fake), or does this happen every time you remove the cables IDE? (I'm using SSD on Xbox for the first time)
  9. I'm wondering if others are having the same issue and if they've managed to fix it, I updated to v2.0 via the downloader and now fanart is not showing up no matter the view/resources settings. Edit: Tried a fresh install and still have the problem
  10. Hi. I was just finishing a successful repair to a 1.0 with a bad psu. Replaced psu, replaced clock cap, flashed Aladdin with Cerbios, updated hdd. Everything was working fine, dashboards, games, etc. Closed up the case and as a final thought decided to increase fan speed using Xblast OS. Loaded Xblast, set fan speed, hit reboot and... Frag with Christmas lights! Any ideas?
  11. i, like many others, started having problems with my xbox after replacing the thermal paste. graphics glitching, freezing, frag'ing, and sometimes it would just go into a coma on me. it appears that the problem is that some of the solvent for cleaning the thermal paste gets underneath the gpu chip and causes a short. 1st off, i do not recommend replacing the thermal paste on these consoles but if u already have and are now having problems then here is how to fix it. get a bottle of 91% rubbing alcohol with a squirt top on it(i suggest a quart bottle), hold the motherboard on it's side, and squirt the alcohol all over it. be certain that plenty is going under the gpu. next, take a hair dryer and dry the board very well. be careful not to get it too hot. a good rule of thumb is that if any part of the board is uncomfortable to lay your hand on and keep it there, then it is too hot and should be allowed to cool. next, sit the board in the xbox, hook up the psu, connect a tv and power on the system a few times to be certain that it appears to be working before full reassembly. BE CERTAIN TO REAPPLY THERMAL PASTE AND HEATSINKS BEFORE POWERING ON! i'm not certain that it will overheat the chips without the heatsinks for a quick test but it isn't worth the risk. this fixed my xbox that i was concerned i had forever killed.
  12. Pulled the xboxes out of the closet and having some "fun" reviving them. Looking forward to all ya'll's help.
  13. hello, i like XBMC dash, but it's not working so good anymore, after i had it in a shoppingbag/plasticbag. it was sandwiched between my laptop and a ps3 on the other side again, and i put the plasticbag on the asphalt, and it tipped over. after that i've had this glitching in the video feed especially when i turn it on and it's cold, but after 30 minutes of runtime it works... smoothly like before. also it only affects the XBMC dash, and it's video playing, if i launch an other dash or a game, it works as normal with no glitching or whatever its called. i can launch a game through XBMC immediately after starup and it will work fine. i recently tried reinstalling the XBMC dash through the slayers autoinstaller dvd, but to no help. well it worked fine immediately after the install, but then it's back to this again. any ideas? i have a video of what is going on: https://www.bitchute.com/video/JIWfuhlw3O3k/
  14. Hi friends! as title says I get error 16 every time I boot with Cerbios , and i get that error with m8+ too when i turn on Xbox with eject tray ,everything were fine before I decided to give 128mb ram upgrade a shot on my 1.6 OGxbox , I have deleted and formatted all the partitions and installed everything from scratch still i am getting that error , I dont know that if it is hardware related or not please help me I am out of patience by trial and error
  15. Hello to the whole forum and thank you for your availability and kindness. I have an xbox classic without chip and softmod. In 2016 I connected the hdd to the PC and unlocked the password that blocked the hdd (SEAGATE ST310211A 10Gb) and the hard disk was unlocked (the hard disk seems to have been unlocked via a bug in the Seagate firmware of the seagateunlock site, perhaps Seagate Firmware Update for U5 series) I then backed up with hdd_driver.exe and tried to follow the xboxhdm 2.2a tutorial in Spanish. After doing the first part of the mod (hardly rewriting the hard disk partition), I can't relock the hard disk because I don't have the eeprom.bin file or the lock/unlock password and therefore the console no longer starts . The hard disk is always "Unlocked" (code 06). Can I solve the problem without resorting to chips, eeprom readers or other hardware tools? Thank you
  16. I was trying to softmod my xbox by unlocking it using PiPROM and after many attempts I was successful. After I was done checking the drive, I locked the drive again with the same eeprom.bin, then plugged the drive back into the xbox and power cycled the console. I power cylcled the xbox and i get error 6. is there possibly ANY way i could get this drive working again with this xbox?
  17. Hello all, I need some assistance. I was trying to softmod a few xbox's I got laying around here. One has a ton of update and DLC data on it I want to contribute back. That all being said, I used one of the consoles that didn't have much data on it. I then used the Splinter Cell NTSC game. It worked and loaded up the softmod tool, I pressed A. It gave a generic error and asked me to choose NTSC or PAL, I chose NTSC. The script continued, appeared to backup the EEPROM, modify C Partition, etc. at the end, it says "See that was painless go ahead and reboot" annnnnnnnnnd.....pain. Only boots to an error 13 or 14 So, could I take this drive, hook it up to FATxplorer, unlock the drive with null or 1111's, grab the legit hdd key from the E: partition, then lock the drive using the correct key. Then can I use FATxplorer to rebuild the dashboard/C partition somehow? From what I can tell from YT vids, when it rebooted, it looks like a script should have ran and that never happened, just errors 13 or 14 and nothing boots (real discs or burnt ones). I do have access to one softmodded xbox if that helps me to solve this... Regards, PHX-Sisko
  18. Hi all, I've found an Original Xbox which is a v1.6. After connecting it, it doesn`t powering on, so I opened it up and did a check of all the capacitors. The clock cap was a bit leaking, so I removed it, cleaned everything, checked all the traces on the board with a magnifier and didn`t find an issues. At this moment I use a wire instead of the clock cap (I found some topics on this forum and reddit about that). So before ordering a new clock cap I want to have the console working. The console turns on now, but no audio or video. The light around the eject button is solid green. I've no clue how to fix this.
  19. I've a Xbox v1.2 - 1.5. I know you can TSOP it, but I like the options a modchip brings. So, I soldered the LPC pinheader, a wire from D0 to ground (screwhole) and a wire on the Aladdin XT PLUS2 XT 4032 chip from the BT to the other pad. Now when turning on the Xbox it FRAGs. The led on the modchip is on. When I remove the modchip (I didn`t remove the LPC header or the D0 to ground wire, only the modchip from the header) the FRAGing exists. Before I soldered the modchip, the Xbox was working fine. Some photo's from my soldering job. I also tested from the top of the board the D0 point and my meter beeps on all the screwplates, so that looks fine. Also the LPC pinheader looks good. So I'm a bit frustrated because of this issue. https://imgur.com/a/3IRniGb Above the pinheader you'll see some flux residu, I've taken care of that after the photo's. Is there a way to double check the connections from the pins and the back of the board to somewhere on the board?
  20. Motherboard fragged so I bought a version 1.1 replacement with paired hard drive. Board boots. Plays games, etc. Removed leaky clock cap, cleaned board. Soft modded system with Rocky 5. Attempted TSOP, but the files wouldn’t copy. Worked fine with cables soldered in place, but started getting an error on boot. Removed TSOP wires, boots normally. Eventually get Chimp installed and working with composite cables. Won’t boot into the modern interface even though I’m using the latest release. It’s some antiquated version. After some frustration, I figure it out. Chimp reads both drives correctly, both stock and 240GB SSD via a Startech IDE to SATA Adapter verified working with my original 1.0 motherboard. Do a quick clone, clone C and E only, lock to motherboard. Set jumper to master. Will not boot with the new drive, black screen after Xbox logo. Start the procedure over, this time Chimp decides to do a slow clone. Completes overnight, lock drive to motherboard. Shut down system. Come back hours later. Error 7 on boot. Xbox logo, no Microsoft logo, then error screen. Reset all IDE and power connections multiple times, same issue. Examine ports annd connectors for debree. Order a new 80 pin IDE cable, same exact issue. Try booting with SSD, Xbox logo, Microsoft logo, then black screen. Try booting with safe mode, get an error 9 with the SSD, but only once or twice. Reseat all connectors, no difference. Have the EEPROM and HD key so I’m able to mount and browse the cloned SSD on PC with FatXplorer. Appreciate any help here, this is driving me nuts.
  21. After i Tsop my xbox with Evox M8 plus the dash won't boot and i was know about this then i tried to install unlashx dash from hexen 2021 disc then i installed in E/Dash and then i got message says: do you want to make it your default dash, i click in Yes, after that the boot animation frozen with microsoft and when i tried to boot hexen nothing happend :(
  22. My Xbox with 1.4 board and Cerbios which was repaired some months ago has played many hours of games without any problems. Until the last 3 days. Every day when I play a game (NFS: Underground 2) the hard disk will click once (and sounding like it restarts) within the first 10 minutes of gaming. The game then hangs after a few seconds when it wants to load new data. I can power off and on the Xbox using the power button and then play the same game for an hour or longer without any problems. And the problem repeat itself the next day. The most logical seems to be a faulty hard disk (it's a old 160GB P-ATA drive from Western Digital). But because it only happens once a day (when the unit is cold?), is there another possible cause like a power supply problem or even a worn power connector to the drive? I don't want to throw away a P-ATA hard drive too quickly.
  23. Forgot to post this here, i finally installed this thing last month. I’m very proud of this i’ve never really tackled anything this difficult. Best part is, it worked on the first try. I posted about this awhile back looking for advice, but i decided to jump right in and do it after being afraid to for so long. But wow this mod blew me away. Too bad i didn’t install this in my main xbox (Don’t worry about the long cables, i shortened them to the appropriate length after testing)
  24. Bit of a conundrum. Using Rocky5 Soft Mod I registered my Xbox for Insignia. I did not null my HDD previously, now it says if I do null it it will "stop XBL (Insignia) from functioning until you restore the original HDD key" . I want to null it because I want to swap my harddrive right now to a bigger one, but I also want Insignia to work. Should I risk it? Do I have to null in order to swap harddrives or is there another way?
  25. After atleast two months of issues with an HDD swap, I decided to try and TSOP flash my console (1.0 US) While my skills were shoddy at best, I don't think I soldered any pads that weren't the R7D3 or R7R3, and the system seems to boot fine (no error LEDS), but my controller no longer works. I've bought an aftermarket/3rd party controller, and that one didn't work either. There doesn't seem to be any problems on the daughterboard, and all the cables are plugged in right... Any idea what could've happened, and how I might be able to fix this?

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