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  1. Yes! I had forgotten that folder. Thanks a lot!
  2. Hi there, My 1.6 og xbox won't softmod. I tried Splinter Cell (Error 21) and 007 (reboot). It runs fine otherwise. I was browsing the internal memory via MS Dashboard today when I came across a strange itrem, called NkPatcher. I suppose the xbox has been softmodded then brought back to MS standard. Any idea on how I could re-softmod it? Or why any previous (maybe failed) attempt would prevent me to re-softmod it? TIA Serge
  3. Now I feel even more lost. To sum it up : I have a stock unmodded 1.6b Xbox and I want to softmod it and swap its HD for a bigger one I do not have access to another working xbox than the aforementioned I haven't been able (yet) to find a USB stick that I can use to perform the Splinter Cell softmod. I managed to format one on the xbox but copying to it works in the most bizarre ways (see my first post) So what are my other options? Can I extract the eeprom.bin via Xboxhdm2.3? TIA Serge
  4. > You don’t need Xplorer360 for this just a copy of Xboxhdm2.3 and Rocky5 variations softmod for xboxhdm2.3 Do you know a good howto guide for this?
  5. > So you are trying to make a 1tb hard drive for a Xbox Yes > Do you have the HDD key from the Xbox you are making it for? No. How do I get it? > And is this for the damages Xbox that locks up on booting? No, this is the other one, a v1.6b that actually works.
  6. Ouch, this is a complex tool. I tried to "build a new xbox hd" since this is my second goal (1st softmod 2nd swap for a 1GB SATA HD). But I feel like I don't really know what I'm doing. And I don't know what a "hotswap" is I understand I have to dump my xbox's eeprom somehow. Don't know how though.
  7. Yes it is. I'll give xboxhdm a try. Thanx BR Serge
  8. > What method are you using to connect the hdd to your PC. An USB to IDE adapter. I'm using a laptop here. > Also once the drive is connected, try rescanning the disks. The drive is already visible in disk management.
  9. > Have you added the msvcr71.dll file to Xplorer360 folder and run it as administrator? Yes and yes
  10. Just tried that. Xplorer360 (beta6) does not see the drive. Sometimes unplugging the ide cable from the HDD will cause it to stop/restart spinning. I tried disconnecting it in the mosty gentle way and setting it as master (was cable select). When in cable select mode, the xbox immediately shows the "needs to be serviced" screen with a number in the top left corner. When in master mode, this screen appears only when disconnecting the drive. After that, same result : Xplorer360 does not see the drive (windows 10 sees it as raw) What did I do wrong? BR Serge
  11. I'll try that. Thanx. BR Serge
  12. For the first couple of tries I coud get to the clock-setting part and hear the sound of increasing the hours (but the screen itself was frozen). Soldering a modchip scares me, I even find changing caps a big challenge! I do not really trust my soldering abilities...
  13. You're lucky to still have such low-end USB sticks. My smallest is 1GB. This is also my first attempt at modding, so no already modded xbox here
  14. Global view. I've just given it another go and this time I got a screen telling me "your xbox needs servicing" or something like that.

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