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  1. Thanks for info, i ordered this modchip. I hope when i install it, my xbox will be work.
  2. This chip compatible with xbox v 1.6?
  3. when i boot xbox on TV no signal (without hdd and dvdrom or with hdd and dvdrom, no difference).
  4. Seller sell xbox as not working. It's can be fix? Also i disassembling xbox and see on motherboard this connector (first photo), this connector means this xbox was be chiped? (i think seller remove modchip and sell it to me xbox without modchip)? also on back side motherboard i see wire (second photo), for what this wire? for modchip?
  5. Hi, I bought a broken XBOX version 1.6 (the seller says that softmod is installed on the XBOX), when I turn on the console it blinks three times green and then green and red (no signal on TV). I need to find out why it doesn't work. Can anyone help? Video: https://vimeo.com/423904512

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