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  1. Alaziel

    Lost .Xbe

    error with edit, i don't make backup before
  2. Alaziel

    Lost .Xbe

    yes it's just request xbe files for these games
  3. Alaziel

    Lost .Xbe

    Hello, I lost my .xbe file for these games Baldur's Gate 1 NTSC Call of duty 1 finest hour NTSC it's possible to send me in PM? thanks in advance :-)
  4. Hello, use xbpartitioner 1.3 290Go single part 32k, use white
  5. Thanks for the link back to softmod many problems to run games on ISO mode Yes it works I use Xblast OS and put on C/BIOS/5101.bin (renamed to bios.bin) Thank you
  6. Hello, Is it possible to restore the original bios after a tsop flash (Evox M8+ F+G)? Xbox config: 1.4 model Kernel 5101 before flash Winbond chip thanks
  7. Oups Sorry , the patched default.xbe on the 3rd post don't work alone , i active trainer file on Xbmc and launch the game with IGK only way to working. next trainer wanted rallisport challenge 1&2
  8. Thanks it's working just make IGK Rapidly... ++
  9. Hello, ; I tested many trainer's with my version of this game "Brothers in arms road to hill 30". RThumb + up RThumbs + down etc....all don't work. it"s possible to only work on US NTSC ? thx

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