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  1. Fredrikstad. What about you. are you norwegian?
  2. Thanks for the great advices! I've been skipping the flux part a lot, I should stop doing that... Lifting pads, been there, done that Thank you!
  3. This is a great collection of mods! Going to watch everything!
  4. I thank you all for all your suggestion. Yes, turning it on in less than 24 hours was probably not the smartest move. We're experiencing 35 degrees in Norway these days (insane!), and I left it out in the sun a whole day and it seemed to be completely dry. I decided to give this board one more chance, desoldering everything and doing it over. And cleaned the board with a tiny bit of isopropyl alcohol and a tooth brush. All of a sudden, it works now. So there might have been some water shorting it out, I have no idea really. I don't really trust this is going to work forever, but I'm happy it finally works! I didn't have much confidence in my soldering skills so actually achieving something feels really good. So I went ahead and replaced the clock capacitor and thermal paste, and removed pin 6 from the lpc as this kept the Aladdin's red LED on all the time, even when the system is turned off. Every once in a while I get a disc read error though (with both original and burned games), not sure what causes this. Maybe a bad dvd drive?
  5. Ok a small update on this case, I couldn't find any solder splashes/balls anywhere so I desoldered everything, washed the whole motherboard in a bucket of water, and rebuilt the lpc for the 3rd time. Now it was time to test it. To my surprise it actually showed the boot animation (with the Evo X logo in top left), but THEN... the screen went solid pink. I rebooted it, and now the Xbox stays on with green leds, but it does not show anything on the screen. I guess this Mobo is FUBAR. If anyone got a spare 1.6 to sell, let me know.
  6. I just tried flashing the modchip from a 1.4 Xbox using hexen, and putting a 256k 1.6 bios on it. The 1.4 system obviously would not boot with this chip anymore. I moved it over to the 1.6, but the same issue persists. I think even the Aladdin comes with a bios supported for all Xbox versions though.
  7. I installed that wire in an attempt to fix this issue, no difference in removing it
  8. Flowlance

    Lifted D0 Pad.

    Thanks for the advice. Do you know if I need to fix it at all, since it boots up just fine? I grounded from D0 on the Aladdin chip instead, and it seemed to work.
  9. Ok this is really frustrating. The xbox flashes green/red (restarts 3 times). And I can't figure out what I've done wrong here. I felt like the job went really smooth. I have also cut the trace near the xbox chip (so it cannot boot from the xbox's bios anymore, right?). I tried desoldering everything, replacing the wires, removing unused pins, adding them back. Grounding D0 (Even though I cut the trace, I decided to try). What else can I try? This was my precious crystal xbox too, and was excited to get the job done Edit: I tried the Aladdin modchip in a 1.4 Xbox, and it worked just fine there. I also checked continuity on the lpc rebuild, and it seems to be fine. No shorts. Did I get any of the wires wrong?
  10. Flowlance

    Lifted D0 Pad.

    So it seems like I attempted something I shouldn't when installing the aladdin chip. After soldering the wire to the pad, I did the wiggle test and it came loose, including the pad itself. The Xbox still seems to operate normally. Is it broken now? There's (obviously) no continuity on this trace now. Is there anywhere else I can solder D0 to ground?
  11. Hi! Just felt like getting into original Xbox modding and found this forum. And I just broke my first Xbox. Hopefully I will get better at soldering... Yoroshiku ne!

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