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  1. I use a ogx360 and it works like a champ. I bought mine from Tim Kirkup (Tek Nemesis). He does quality work.
  2. I want to thank you all as well. I haven't tried any of this on my failed TSOP flash, but will. Question: Does the IND-BIOS absolutely have to be able to get to the config usually found at root of partition C? While my box was always able to boot from DVD, it does not seem able to anymore because I'm pretty certain I screwed up my HDD.
  3. Where did you go to test it and purchase?
  4. Hi all. I've found that at age 40 my near vision started to really degrade. I'm 50 now and wear contacts for reading, but still don't see the small points on a motherboard very well for soldering. Do any of you use a magnifier of sorts when soldering? What do you use? I had bought some jewelers glasses, but the focal length was way off for me.
  5. Thank you for your service. It sounds like you are doing what I'm doing and buying back your childhood. LOL
  6. Is there a good place for me to read up on exactly what is happening on a soft mod? I just find this kind of thing fascinating.
  7. Hello everyone. I've asked this question on FB, but would like to verify with this crowd here. I have softmodded an v1.6 using Rocky5 most recent version. I would like to swap to a 2TB SATA drive. I understand this can be done with a hot swap, cloning the original drive with chimp and then formatting with xb partitioner. Is this correct? Why does this work if the bios is supposed to need LBA-48 to see a large drive? Is it because each partition is small enough to not need LBA-48? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello everyone. I wouldn't call myself new to the scene, more renewed. I used to mod the OG XBOX back in the day and then just moved on eventually. I've gotten nostalgic and have now pulled out my old XBOX consoled (Like 4 of them). They are in various stages of being modded. One has an old Xecuter chip, 2 are soft modded (one with larger HDD), and the other is a v1.6 I just picked up from Goodwill. I'm beginning the process of going through each of these and restoring to their former glory. However, I now realize, I've forgotten more than I remember on these. So...I'm here to absorb and hopefully not ask too many stupid questions.

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