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  1. Thanks KaosEngineer, I really appreciate it. Is this the orginal dump with 2.3.0, or after you reflashed with 2.3.1?
  2. I'm not worried about what's on the other banks, I will flash over them. I'm just looking to get the recovery bank
  3. haha, hopefully you can find it
  4. Lol, no i'm in Canada. I'm sure someone on this site is running an original xenium and can give us a dump file
  5. yes i have ordered 50 boards. Have the os2.3.1
  6. In search of a full 2mb flash memory dump from an xenium.
  7. KenMoe


    Nice job, looks good!
  8. It's nice to see the OG Xbox community is still alive. It's been years since I chipped xboxs, and am really looking forward to start a new project once my new rework station arrives!
  9. Any update on when this will be available

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