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  1. I have no details on how to do it, but if you need the files, it seems this site holds the files: https://www.xbmc4xbox.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4393 Hope this helps you a bit. I'm also interested in how to use this as it looks way better than what I have now
  2. Thanks! I couldn't find this online but now that it's here I'll use this one. Just tested and worked even better than the application I posted earlier
  3. I just wanted to let you know of this program I found on my search to extract some ISOs that were exact copies of discs rather than xISO. Difference is that in an exact replica, the video layer is also included. These ISOs are the ones that are referenced through Redump. Unfortunately, it is only in French, but it's simple enough to not need any text. Found it here: https://digiex.net/threads/gx-xgd-extract-v00-10-10-xbox-and-xbox-360-iso-extractor-ftp-uploader.11885/ Included it in this post in case the link goes down GX.XGD.Extract.00.10.10.zip
  4. I've opened it up and it seems to be pre-v1.6 (twelve pin power connector, manufacturing date in 2001) the clock cap seemed to be fine. No leak whatsoever. Removed it to be sure and works fine. Thanks for warning me! I thought battery leaks/corrosion were mostly base which you would clean with vinegar but capacitators leak acid or could any of these happen? I'm just used to cleaning leaks in remotes with some vinegar and worked fine for years.
  5. Thanks! I wouldn't have thought of that. Been reading up on it and seems easy enough to fix it. Do I need to check for this before powering it on again? Thanks! Thought I was missing something but I guess I'll reach those posts soon enough. Got enough to check up on for my hardware before I I'll need the software
  6. Hi there! My xbox was modded when I was still a kid and has been resting in peace since around 2010. Now that I've been doing a lot more technical stuff I want to dive back in and found this forum through reddit. I love that you have all this stuff gathered here as I wouldn't know where to begin if it weren't for you. Kind regards, Tadsz Edit: I was looking to grab some downloads but it says I'm not permitted. Are there some rules to this? Where can I find these?

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