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  1. Temps seem to range around 35°-45°C For the coolers, you need to measure the distance between the holes already in the XBOX motherboard and match that, as best you can, to ones for GPU. There used to be an actual aftermarket one you could buy straight up, but I forget its name and a couple years ago they seemed impossible to find so I just went salvaging random broken GPUs I found on ebay.
  2. Since I had taken these pics to show N64Freak to troubleshoot my DIY install of his internal HDMI mod, I figured I could also post them here. This is my 1.6 XBOX motherboard. Since it runs my arcade pedestal, I only needed the board itself. It is on wood and plastic spacers off the wooden base I created. Standard AladdinXT modchip. For a much quieter, and at least as cool if not cooler, machine I replaced the heatsinks with these GPU coolers. Works after a few hours of play and no temperature issues. Here is the Toslink optical port mounted (still having some issues ge

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