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  1. Thanks, @Frank D'Agostino... you're referring to the OP list you posted? Yes, those should definitely be included, and I do see some of those missing from the older Redux/Reloaded games. Nice work, and thanks for putting it together!
  2. Those are to show which games the OP recommended (4 years ago on TiZ) and to show the naming convention needed to utilize the artwork.
  3. This is great... thank you so much! Exactly what I was looking for!
  4. Thanks @KaosEngineer... I have that downloaded ... hoping to find the bin/cue files that actually work with the emulator vs. going through 1x1 trying to figure out which work and which don't.
  5. Do you happen to know another place to get the pcsxbox v21 redux and reloaded? Can't find it on internet archive and can't seem to locate it anywhere else
  6. dizM0nkey


    Thank you! Happy Holidays, sir!
  7. dizM0nkey


    I noticed on two of the Xboxes I'm working on, both get an MD5Hash Mismatch when trying to update to the latest stable update, 1.2.001. Please see the attached image
  8. @Rocky5 I tried the "fix error 16" with the 2TB as slave again and recloning the C partition from my original 8GB drive, but I had the same crash at boot and only opening and closing the drive tray would allow the system to boot to dashboard. But... I found a lot of 3 OG Xbox's on Craigslist for $30 and picked them up... they were marked as "parts / repair" only, but one had a working Philips drive. I swapped out the Samsung drive I had in my Xbox and swapped in the Philips and it booted perfectly. Very Nice! Great Success! It was, indeed, the Samsung drive and (I believe) the StarTech combination with that large a drive. I now have the Samsung drive, my old 250GB drive, and am going to put those into one of the other Xbox cases I got and put it out on Craiglist as well. Will recycle one and save the another for spare parts. Thanks to everyone who chimed in, especially @KaosEngineer@Rocky5 @John7272
  9. Thanks @Rocky5 ... I tried the fix error 16 and the reclone and nothing worked. Looks like I'm looking for a new (old) DVD drive.
  10. @Rocky5 is it possible trying another exploit would work? I don't know enough about this... Does your exploit work inherently differently than Krayzies Ndure exploit, or do they call essentially changing the same bit of code and execute the same? I know your softmod is essentially one-click, so I know the work you've done on top of any exploit is amazing, but wondering if trying another exploit is worth a shot. Sorry if the above question is just really stupid. Trying to brainstorm options before buying new PATA>SATA adapters.
  11. Thanks, @KaosEngineer ... I did try switching from Cable Select to Master, and even without the jumper at all. All the same result, unfortunately. @John7272... that's a thought, but I gave my brother the Xbox as a gift today, since he'll be out of town during xmas. Again, I really don't think it's the DVD drive, as the unit boots fine when I have my default 8GB or 250GB drives in the system; this was tested with the second StarTech adapter, as well. Thanks!
  12. Thanks... running with the tray open hangs, as well. The LED is green continues to blink when starting the Xbox by opening the tray. When starting the Xbox with the power button, the LED is a solid green and stays green. Once I press close tray (after it hangs), the LED turns a solid orange and the dashboard loads. I wonder if I just need a faster SATA adapter... I got feedback that StarTech was the best; not sure of other brands or chipsets to go with.
  13. Thanks, @Rocky5 ... The Kernel Font automatically selected was 1.0.5838.1. I rebooted and it hung at boot. I tried adding the delay files 1, rebooted, and hung. The same result from 2 and 3. Are there any other options I can try? Thanks again!
  14. @John7272 you're awesome ... thanks for trying to help! Very good assistance with working through the hardware issues. I really think this has something to do with the software... though could be a HDD manufacturer issue, but the drive I'm really trying to use has been successfully used by others: http://xboxdrives.x-pec.com/?p=list&v_brand=&v_modelnum=WD20EARS&v_size=&v_rpm=&v_buffersize=&v_locking=&v_version=&v_postedby=
  15. Thanks, @John7272 ... The Xbox boots fine with the DVD drive and the 8GB OG IDE HDD or 250GB WD IDE HDD drives I've been using. How would this affect or be an issue with the 2GB WD SATA drive? Or the 3TB WD SATA drive?

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