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  1. That's the exact one I used, only with green solder mask. It did work, and was easy enough to install, but only after about 15 minutes of fiddling around trying to get all the points to line up. After a while I gave up trying to line them all up, and just went with a "good enough" install. I guess it's either spend time running wires, or spend time aligning everything best you can.
  2. There is a copy in the Downloads section of this site.
  3. I believe that TruHexen 2019 has a cleanup feature that removes all the unnecessary Hexen files. I have not tried this yet, but I though I remembered reading about it in the features list. I may also be totally wrong about this, but if you have a copy, maybe give it a look over.
  4. Have you tried one of the older softmods. I can`t think of a reason why the Rocky5 softmod wouldn`t work, but who knows, maybe an older softmod will. Worth a try.
  5. Just a quick question to throw out to the community. I just did my first 1.6 LPC rebuild using a rebuild PCB. I`ve done many LPC rebuilds the old school way, just running wires to the appropriate points, but I saw these boards, so I grabbed a few to try out. I have mixed feelings about them. Yes, it was as simple as soldering the connections on the board to the point right next to them, and yes, they do look more professional, but did they save me any time, not really. With all the fiddling around trying to make sure all the points were exactly where they needed to be before tacking them in w
  6. Welcome to the group. Lots of knowledgeable people around the forums.
  7. ChiPPyX

    1.6 Xbox

    They legit work if that's what you're asking. Are they legit Aladdin chips..... Well, is anything coming from China legit on eBay?
  8. Finally got around to joining, after being part of the FB group for a few months.

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