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  1. If i where to solder on a LC4032v would this work ?
  2. Anyone here have a Aladdin XT Plus 2 or Advance modchip? (Official one, not clone without traces,there's a difference) , i've got a official chip here and its got the traces to the pinouts but there's no Trimmer potentiometer , so i'm going to add one, but i don't know the resistance increment 5k-20k? I mean would it matter or what. My reason for doing such is i'm going to solder this trim pot to a chip without one. So i can get a contrast adjustment to my LCD.
  3. You can get some off ebay as well. Usually cost about 10 bucks or so.
  4. Ah man i used to have such luck like this , passing by and finding old consoles. As they say , one mans trash is another mans treasure!

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