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  1. Thanks for those tips on heat reduction! I already got me some Arctic MX-4 thermal paste (needed also for one of my computers), just postponed to do so because i saw online that the stock thermal paste is a real bother to remove I put in a Noctua fan that i did cut a bit down on the fan-frame and on the inner casing (as minimal as possible, not to change inner airflow) i really wanted more silent fan as i like to have as less background noise in my room/studio as possible (i make music). For the issue with those games.. they where probably bugged extractions from ISOs, i did manage get hold of other ones. Extract-Xiso has still a bug that it can't extract from dual-layer (had confirmation on that bug on GitHub). With XDVDMulleter Beta 10 (windows only) i did had success with those ISOs, finally. Call Of Cthulhu is spooky , even on these relatively dated graphics it's a beauty, awesome!
  2. hmmm seems those games are from Dual Layer DVD ...are there difficulties involving those?
  3. Yes the softmod seems to work great!! Used an IDE to SATA adaptor and installed a 1TB HDD, Toshiba PC P300. Awesome!! For those that want to know which adaptor, it's a TOOGOO from amazon (it came directly from china tho and took it's own sweet time to arrive in my mailbox, but that price makes up for it) My biggest roadblock getting it fully set up was that it fails to read the Extras disk that i burned from the iso that gets generated by the Build XISO.bat script I did burn it with Xfburn which shouldn't be a problem.. i burned Hexen and another mod tool to dvd with it a wile ago and those don' t fail to read now. Weird. I tried uploading the Extras Disk folder from the github to the Applications dir on the xbox but it goes to a black screen upon starting.. prolly because the program can't find the dvd in it's tray. Then at that Github repository i also saw a folder called "Attacher, Detacher" in it's /Utilities/Xbox/ folder.. copied the folders inside and the extras disk iso over to the xbox Applications via ftp and then finally could run it! (as it mounts the dvd virtually to the system). Had to waste a few dvds to find that out.. this needs to be in the tutorials you can find online, in my opinion a far better option then burning a dvd. Some of the games that i wanted to try don't seem to work properly, namely: Call of Cthulhu and Jurassic Park Project Genesis do i have a bad backup copy of them or is there a known problem with the modded system? (tried the persistent mode in softmodtool advanced eeprom settings but that didn't change the errors) Do you guys know what it could be?
  4. Hi! I successfully reformatted the hdd from a linux liveUSB by adding the content of XboxHDM23USB and adding this. I used the clean C and E files to make it like stock and have save-partition working again. Then did the Rocky5 Xbox-Softmodding-Tool over usb and SplinterCell... it worked! \o/ It might be a bit of a roundabout for most experienced xbox modders.. but my previous actions all paid off in the end so it' s quite a satisfaction getting the awesome stuff finally to run from HDD. The HDD is in bad shape though if i look at the S.M.A.R.T. data in the dashboard system information. 10GB is too small anyway.. can have 3 games max on it (if you don't put big games on it) ..of course when i would do emulation on it (looking forward to that) it prolly could hold much more. But as it stands i need to get a brand new hdd in it (sata-to-ide converter too), silent fans (mine has a small fan on the cpu-sink too).. and maybe a videocable that outputs RGB (scart) instead of composite. Is there anything i should also be getting to make this cool thing last a couple of decades more? When i FTP into it i see the directories UDATA and udata.. with both the same content.. don't know if they are separate doubles or connected.. must have happened while trying to get the folders right from the dashboard filemanager... wil straighten it out when cloning the data over to the new hdd when it arrives. Besides the recommendation of Nulling the eeprom... (which i find still risky and since i have the dump and headerpins to read-out in place.. still feels a bit needless at this point, unless you tell me the xbox might be doomed when meanwile the original HDD dies or something) edit PS: to copy the files onto the memstick-usb i still needed to do that with (scary) Xplore360 on Windows7 (it didn't find devices via WINE). xboxhdm filemanager (MidnightCommander) could not do it as it seems only focused on making fatx-hdd's and not fatx memorycards.
  5. First i need to fix my hdd so i can softmod the lovely thing, not? Or could i (now with the key) just get a new hdd and set it up with all softmods and make backups of games on it? Bear in mind i'm new to this whole thing.. never had an xbox and didn't had friends that modded one. I could not even find info on what LiveInfo does.. the original site seems down i think i read that XboxHDM23 could repair partitions if you had the key to unlock it
  6. allright! i have a 256bytes eeprom.bin that has hex stuff.. now what? i guess i need to follow Kaos' links and tips Thanx for helping me out.. this is fun hacking and learn a bit along the way
  7. ah one thing i would like to ask before i connect the raspberry to the xbox... does SCL connect to SCL ...and SDA to SDA? or does it cross connect like RX to TX, and TX to RX (receive to transmit, and vice versa) i would guess the first from the description in that blog post, but i wanted to be a bit more sure and ask here
  8. i think i will manage.. just hope i do not get no read-out at all like the guy commenting on grimdoomers blog-post. I was thinking how blatent it is of them that they put a timebomb on the xbox mobo next to where Microsoft is printed
  9. allright, soldered headerpins on to the motherboard's LPC debug... it was quite annoying getting the holes open with the soldersucker and wick.. also scary not to damage the board as thin traces run through it aswell.. but tested the Xbox afterwards and it still works and boots to the original dashboard . The clock capacitor has indeed leaked some but no real damage to be seen.. after snipping it out, cleaned the place on mobo with 96% alcohol. (maybe when it did leak, the previous owner thought it was dead for good and that's why it ended up on the trash) now i am making a backup of the raspberry pi sd to copy it onto a new sd and then compile PiPROM on it and finally get the female-female jumperwires on their spot to read out the code... exiting!
  10. oh wow awesome stuff! It looks a bit fiddly but straightforward description. I think i can manage soldering those connection pins onto the xbox' motherboard after taking it further appart.. might as well check the dreaded clock capacitor while i'm at it Thanks guys!
  11. ah Kaos.. just missed your reply when typing last one... i will check that out too... the linux build would prolly make more sense then to try it from windows7 partition i hardly use. But wouldn't that still need the eeprom codes beforehand like mikey said?
  12. well i didn't got to the part of getting the eeprom codes when the save partitions vanished (due to xplore360) But i do own raspberry pi's so please tell me how to utillize the GPIO (i presume) and program to read out the eeprom. I also have a FTDI232 (usb thingy to do stuff like this) if it's easier that way
  13. Okay so i ran into some issues back then.. had to shelve it for later on due to some other stuff that happened in life. Meanwile i did order the Splinter Cell game and modded one of the controllers to have a working USB port... yes i checked and it works in the xbox But... after switching on the xbox and putting in i remembered why i shelved this (almost a year ago)... while using Xplore360 i somehow lost the partitions where the save-games need to be storwed... upon checking in memory menu on the xbox it has 0 blocks on the hd When i tried to softmod it using the hotswap method with xplore360 i did made backups.. but sadly i believe the backup got lost with a pc hdd that died recently :(( So before i make any further steps and possible mistakes i wanted to ask if this is a good option to fix things: https://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/using-xboxhdm-updated-2019.1902/ (i do have a lot of experience with linux and booting liveUSB so that would not be a problem, its just that there is a mention of getting C partion files somewhere but that link to theisozone.com is dead) edit: oh never mind me mentioning linux, looks this is an ms-dos based tool... makes sense since the linux FATX tools cannot write yet
  14. Thank you for all these pointers! btw do you allready have a topic on this? https://sourceforge.net/projects/fatx/ (since Xplorer360 seems very unreliable)
  15. Hi people! So i was walking pass a garbage dump waiting to be picked up by the trashmen that day, when this big bag caught my eye with some electronic gear in it. To my suprise it had loads of cables and controllers and this Xbox! That cool thing i wanted back then at the start of the millennium,.. but didn't had the money for it . Took it home, hooked it up and to my surprise it is working fine! (that attitude of people throwing working things away makes me quite angry ) I am in luck i guess. Looking up i found out it's best to mod it these days.. and found this: But it seems i can only get error 11 and not 12... i think thats why its not unlocking... as my computer can find it but Xplorer360 can't. I have Kernel 1.00.4034.01 and Dash 1.00.5960.01 ...so far my first steps into modding my xbox hope one of you know how to go further

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