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  1. the 2 crystals are sold, only the black and silver one availeble
  2. o forgot its a 1.6 and shipping to uk is 25 euro and the silver one also a 1.6
  3. first the crystal with x3 pro switch, its a 1.6 xecuter 3 chip with pro switch, 500gb ide hdd with coinops and xbmc one controller. asking price; 150 euro crystal led modded, its a 1.4 with aladin xt4064 chip with lcd support (will add a new lcd screen with it) 500gb sata drive with coinops and xbmc one controller. asking price 125 euro silver xbox painted silver with aladin xt4032 chip in it, 500gb ide hdd with coinops and xbmc one controller asking price 100 euro black x3 it has a x3ce chip in it, 160gb drive with coinops and xbmc one controller asking price 125 euro i am living in the netherlands wil ship only to eu union, shipping cost for buyer greetz flappentap
  4. i am looking around and find that it must be 20x4 hd44780, i go order one from aliexpress and try.
  5. hi guys; just opened up a already modded crystal box whit this chip in it. is this the aladin where lcd screen is supported? and any suggestionst what lcd screen to look for? thanks and greetz to al fellow og xbox-ers
  6. xbox blue ghostcase blue x3 control panel xecuter 3ce 320gb harddrive coinops ninja massive 71 xbox games 2 controllers in perfect condition inc all kabels books dont now what to ask, i am from the netherlands. but shipping is possible after i searched what the costs are.
  7. i should leave the crystal as is, buy a black one please for painting.
  8. i am flappentap from the netherlands and started back again modding/collecting xboxes for 2 years now. i came across this site and thougt i stick around and read (i am a reader not so much a writer) hope that we maybe can learn from this nice site. greetz Flappentap i have in my own collection ; a crystal box aladin xt plus 2 chip with 500gb sata en coinops ninja a black box with x3 ce 200gb blue power led mod and 2 blue leds for each controller port. and last week found a xbox x3 ce with 320gb blue ghost case and the blue x3cp. and some others that i bought to mod and sell again

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