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  1. Just ordered mine, super stoked:) I already talked this up in a video last month and now I'm planning on doing a video of the mod. Here's the last video if anyone feels like having a look... Thanks Ryzee119!
  2. Hi again, just wanted to post a link to a video I just uploaded to YouTube, I have a little gaming channel there and thought this mod was so cool and unique I just needed to mention it in a video. Hope you enjoy:)
  3. Wow, I haven't logged in here in a while and I just saw this for the first time now. Good for you man, this is a wonderful little beast and it's great to see how well the community is embracing it:) I got a long list of mods I'd like to do and an internal install of this is definitely on the list, and not near the bottom either. I hope you sell a ton of these!
  4. Just an update, reassembled this thing completely and the problem mysteriously disappeared. HD video seems to be fine now. Go figure.
  5. Okay so I'm back into this nightmare. Reinstalled the Aladdin xt plus2 (set to always on) and wired the D0 point on the chip to the point on the bottom of the mobo. I actually didn't think this would do anything as I remembered I'd followed alternate instructions for the D0 point but worth a try. Strangely, although it still reboots the same (still no video either) it now beeps on both reboots. Its weird too as I don't really know where that beeping comes from. Also that pic KaosEngineer posted shows blue wires running to the L1 and BT points, I think I already have the bt point set to always on (with a tiny wire on the modchip), but do I need to run the L1 wire at all? Also the pic mentions 'bridge x point with D0 point if chip doesn't turn on'... wtf?? The L1 point is in between the x point and the D0 point so how would you bridge them? Any thoughts or suggestions would be great, thanks
  6. Just realized I never replied to this yet, I did definitely have it set to always on, as to BT wired to ground I believe I did but I'll have to double check to be sure. As for the D0 wire, I actually don't think I did have a wire running from the modchip to the mobo... That could be the issue, I saw somewhere that it needs that Maybe I can give it another try (removed the chip already) with a mind to what you've mentioned, and also look for solder bits near the ramchips. Can you recommend a tutorial or reference page for the D0 wire thing? I don't remember having do do that when I chipped my 1.6 at all... also what is Quicksolder? I only know the one way to solder lol, I sure hope it's the right one:)
  7. I wasn't sure whether to post this here or in repair, but since it happened during a TSOP mod I though I'd try here first. Picked up a 1.4 version at a Salvation Army today, green model worked great but filthy inside. Cleaned it up, removed clock capacitor and did the two TSOP points. Reassembled and before I even load into Hexen my video signal has lines going across the screen. After messing around I find that the problem is only with component output (hd output) and standard def av works fine. Thing is, component worked fine before I disassembled so I'm convinced the problem must have been caused by something I did - but all I did was pull the clock cap and do the 2 tsop points... Tried another component cable.. same result. Tried another tv, got a glitched looking display or 'mode not supported'. I'm convinced it's now outputting some garbled attempt at an hd signal that neither of my tvs can process correctly. Have 2 other xboxes and both display hd perfect with the same cables and tvs. I guess I can just sell it with some standard cables but losing the hd kinda kills the awesomeness so I'd really like to fix this if possible. This is like the second weird obscure xbox mystery for me in like a week, sheesh:)
  8. I actually did just that, installed an aladdin modchip (mentioned in an earlier edit) with a pin header, didn't change anything:( Is there a way to force it to use the modchip bios? I guess I could remove the blue and yellow wires and try again... looks like hope is slowly fading...
  9. Whew, that was some knowledge! Got to admit, a good bit of that was beyond me. Let's go one thing at a time, no there wasn't any obvious damage around the lpc debug that I could see. Next, thanks for the facts about the vias being solid on the 1.0 boards, I never looked closely at my two 1.0 boards there, only a 1.6 and those vias were empty. As to the blue wire/split TSOP thing, I think I'm out of my depth there. I have no idea why that would be necessary, the tutorial talks about switches and there are no switches. I even dropped an aladdin modchip in because I can't even get the splashscreen let alone to the Hexen disc to mess with the bios, did not change anything though. Any ideas on the simplest direction for me to rescue this unit? Can I remove that weird TSOP split thing or am I sort of out of luck here?
  10. Into quite a bit of a mystery here. Sold a fellow a modded Xbox and he traded in an old busted Xbox to save a few bucks so now I'm trying to fix it. When turned on the Xbox turns off pretty quickly but then restarts immediately, then the same again, turns off and then back on a third time and then stays on and shows flashing orange and red lights (the odd time it will flash red and green just to deepen the mystery). Googling the problem results in many ppl saying it's an 'av pack' issue if the av cable is not the problem but the restarting thing tells me it's more likely a PSU issue or a bios/mod-gone-wrong problem. Pulled everything apart completely, thought I found the problem with a burnt contact point near the plugin. Re-flowed all 4 points just to be sure and no difference at all. Kept googling and found a few encouraging leads including this url https://www.xbox-hq.com/html/xbox-tutorials-163.html#xboxerrorcodes1 and tried jumping that wire from the lpc pin 5. No f*ckin' joy. Also just a side note - the lpc vias are all plugged with solder (see pic) indicating that a modchip was removed at some point. Also I checked the solder points for the Xbox 1.0 TSOP and it looks like they've been done also - but the guy said he never modded that one. Thing is, the further into this I get the more convinced I am that this unit is fixable. Most people will just say eff it and chuck it or whatever but I really like to save old things if at all possible. I have included a pic of the wire I jumped (yellow wire) from the lpc pin 5 as the url tutorial suggested. The same pic also shows a mysterious blue wire that was here before I opened it. Asked the dude about the blue wire and he said no idea, never modded that one. In some of my Googling I found a post saying something about a D0 wire or DO wire described as a 'modchip enable wire', maybe this could be it? Any ideas about how to move forward or what the blue wire is for would be great, my thanks go out to anyone who has any ideas that might help,
  11. Nope, no errors at all. Also, to the previous comment - I may try that if nothing else works - but I did reflash the modchip with a new (or new=ish) bios that is for a 1.6 version right after installing it. Thanks for the replies tho:)
  12. Hi there, I'm having some strange issues formatting SATA HDDs on a 1,6 Xbox with and Aladding xt +2 modchip. I have upgraded to a 1TB SATA drive with the SATA/IDE adaptor and the 80 wire cable. I just did this on a Xbox 1.0 and it worked just fine, but when I try on the 1.6 Xbox even though I try to write the partition at 927.7 GB it never shows up correctly after the reboot, the F drive is only 120GB and after many tries still cannot access the full amount of memory.. Tried a bunch of times, wondered if something was wrong with the drive (it was used but was working perfectly before I upgraded my computer to an SSD) so I went out and bought a brand new 2TB Seagate drive and I'm still having a ton of weirdness. When I try to make both partitions 927.7GB it still shows very strangely after a reboot. It shows (again) that the F drive is only 120GB but is showing the G drive at like over 1700 GBs. To my knowledge the largest size these partitions (with 64KB clusters) can be is 1024GB and anything over that will not work correctly. I kept messing with it and I can't get the two equal sized partitions no matter what. I have tried loading some games on and it seems to work (games load), and the memory seems to display correctly (minus the size of the game copied) after I copy a game. Should I bother worrying about this? The GBs do after all add up to pretty much 2TB... It just seems so strange because I was really pretty sure you can't have partitions over 1TB.. Also since I had no issues before on the 1.0 version I was thinking it could just be the Xbox somehow...? That seems wrong too though... Any clarification or suggestions would be super appreciated, thanks a bunch.
  13. Another OG Xbox fan from Canada here:)
  14. What a bummer huh? At least that other site seems okay for now....
  15. KaosEngineer, you are the best, thank you so much for the reply:)

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