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  1. Sure no worries, the black screen thing seems to have abated for the time being?! Nice version flowchart btw, how can you tell if there is an lframe signal? That was the only part I was fuzzy on...
  2. Thanks for the helpful replies, it seems I'm off to the races... bios is flashed now. Hopefully I don't get anymore of those weird black screens when powering on. Cross that bridge when I get there I guess tho, thanks again:)
  3. Also I'm still having alot of problems, black screen when powering on alot.. I can still make another topic if you think... not really sure where I'm at...
  4. Thanks Kaos, I am just having a day. I appear to be past that part (was just about to reply) tried another time or two and got it to boot. Now I'm about to try to flash the new bios... for a 1.2 I want a 256k right? Evox m8 is cool? I
  5. Checked quite a few times, its the bottom one just to the left of R7D10. Possibly Hexen is telling me the wrong hardware revision for the mobo? I tried removing and redoing the solder like 3 times...
  6. Ahhh, I'm embarrassed. It was the cable connection to the tv:-O Thanks for the replies though! Now I have a new problem though when I try to solder the points for the tsop flash the xbox stops booting...?
  7. Just picked up an Xbox, was about to do a tsop and drop in a sata hdd but when I tested it out (it powers on and loads games) the display looks wrong with the colors somehow. Certain colors and/or scenes are very washed out or blown out. Some scenes or parts of scenes look almost normal at points but something is clearly wrong. Any ideas?
  8. Just ordered mine, super stoked:) I already talked this up in a video last month and now I'm planning on doing a video of the mod. Here's the last video if anyone feels like having a look... Thanks Ryzee119!
  9. Hi again, just wanted to post a link to a video I just uploaded to YouTube, I have a little gaming channel there and thought this mod was so cool and unique I just needed to mention it in a video. Hope you enjoy:)
  10. Wow, I haven't logged in here in a while and I just saw this for the first time now. Good for you man, this is a wonderful little beast and it's great to see how well the community is embracing it:) I got a long list of mods I'd like to do and an internal install of this is definitely on the list, and not near the bottom either. I hope you sell a ton of these!
  11. Just an update, reassembled this thing completely and the problem mysteriously disappeared. HD video seems to be fine now. Go figure.
  12. Okay so I'm back into this nightmare. Reinstalled the Aladdin xt plus2 (set to always on) and wired the D0 point on the chip to the point on the bottom of the mobo. I actually didn't think this would do anything as I remembered I'd followed alternate instructions for the D0 point but worth a try. Strangely, although it still reboots the same (still no video either) it now beeps on both reboots. Its weird too as I don't really know where that beeping comes from. Also that pic KaosEngineer posted shows blue wires running to the L1 and BT points, I think I already have the bt point set to always on (with a tiny wire on the modchip), but do I need to run the L1 wire at all? Also the pic mentions 'bridge x point with D0 point if chip doesn't turn on'... wtf?? The L1 point is in between the x point and the D0 point so how would you bridge them? Any thoughts or suggestions would be great, thanks
  13. Just realized I never replied to this yet, I did definitely have it set to always on, as to BT wired to ground I believe I did but I'll have to double check to be sure. As for the D0 wire, I actually don't think I did have a wire running from the modchip to the mobo... That could be the issue, I saw somewhere that it needs that Maybe I can give it another try (removed the chip already) with a mind to what you've mentioned, and also look for solder bits near the ramchips. Can you recommend a tutorial or reference page for the D0 wire thing? I don't remember having do do that when I chipped my 1.6 at all... also what is Quicksolder? I only know the one way to solder lol, I sure hope it's the right one:)
  14. I wasn't sure whether to post this here or in repair, but since it happened during a TSOP mod I though I'd try here first. Picked up a 1.4 version at a Salvation Army today, green model worked great but filthy inside. Cleaned it up, removed clock capacitor and did the two TSOP points. Reassembled and before I even load into Hexen my video signal has lines going across the screen. After messing around I find that the problem is only with component output (hd output) and standard def av works fine. Thing is, component worked fine before I disassembled so I'm convinced the problem must have been caused by something I did - but all I did was pull the clock cap and do the 2 tsop points... Tried another component cable.. same result. Tried another tv, got a glitched looking display or 'mode not supported'. I'm convinced it's now outputting some garbled attempt at an hd signal that neither of my tvs can process correctly. Have 2 other xboxes and both display hd perfect with the same cables and tvs. I guess I can just sell it with some standard cables but losing the hd kinda kills the awesomeness so I'd really like to fix this if possible. This is like the second weird obscure xbox mystery for me in like a week, sheesh:)
  15. I actually did just that, installed an aladdin modchip (mentioned in an earlier edit) with a pin header, didn't change anything:( Is there a way to force it to use the modchip bios? I guess I could remove the blue and yellow wires and try again... looks like hope is slowly fading...

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