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  1. admiring your skills, very cool
  2. unfortunately I don't know. My speculation is - some Xboxes can't go that much low on the FSB.
  3. exactly, because that was a 1GHZ Xbox, not a 1.4GHZ.
  4. 1GHZ Xbox can underclock to 730 mhz and resolve all the compatibility issues with Xbox games. 1.4GHZ Xbox can not underclock this low. So 1GHZ is better if you look for full compatibility with Xbox games and still have enough power for good emulation.
  5. photo 01 photo 02 photo 03 photo 04 photo 05 provides more power and memory for: - removing slowdowns in emulators - hex patches for 720p output resolution - improved dashboard performance on 720p resolution - improved Linux performance 2TB HDD storage: - new unit installed Xerc2: - makes your Xbox turn ON and OFF from a remote (some TV remotes or Xbox DVD remote) - IR receiver was installed on the left bottom side of the front panel (requires some tweaks to work with your remote) OGX360: - lets you connect wireless Xbox 360 controllers to Xbox Original - installed internally (can be turned ON and OFF by clicking the button on left bottom side of the front panel) - 2 channels soldered and programmed (controller port 1 and 2) - OGX360 USB is located on the back of the console Others: - has 2 options, one for stock Xbox speed, and another one for 1067mhz this way you can play stock Xbox games without troubles and glitches, and also play Emulators in fullspeed - painted blue (automotive paint then clear coat) Listing contains: 1 x Xbox console (with 1ghz CPU, 128mb RAM, 2TB HDD, XERC2 and OGX360) 1 x Wireless Xbox 360 controller 1 x Wireless Xbox 360 receiver for PC 1 x Power Cord (USA or European depending on your location, same for Power Supply, if you are from USA it will be 110v, if from Europe - 220v) 1 x Xbox2HDMI
  6. still interested? I have an assembled one
  7. I have one SmartXX OPX, need to check it, and will come back with a message
  8. im selling myselling my 1ghz xbox, leave a message if interested

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