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  1. Here's where I wish to start, thought picture would save some time, thanks
  2. Hi have a bad cap leak and trace rot, can fix the boards but don't know what the value of the transistors are. At the moment looking at three boards a 1.0 1.2 and 1.4 , the legs are to corroded to reuse. Thanks
  3. Hi I am after a full list of every component that soldered to the Xbox motherboard, all revisions. Caps are well covered high voltage transistors I can find a little yet nothing on resistors and other assorted ICs. If any one has a full list or any list I then may be able to compile a list myself. Thanks in advance for any help
  4. Give Adrian George Groves on the OGXbox.,com FB group a try hes in QLD or you could buy new ram from alibaba.com (not aliexpress) and do it your self, a set delivered will cost you about 30aud with the wack exchange rate at present. Cheers
  5. I just used my cable round the other way. So the connector that would go into the motherboard I plugged it the harddrive, works fine
  6. Thanks for having me and sharing the important resources

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