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  1. There's a MacOS version? Even better! Will be using that in future. Thank you
  2. That is brilliant I have been searching for days LOL.
  3. Hi Oh wise ones, Does anyone know of a location from which I can obtain the last version of the .net x2cm app to creating x3config.ini files exclusively for the X2 5035 bios? I managed to find 0.5.4 and although this works it is missing some of the nicer tweaks (LED Colour etc) and the FTP side of the application straight up does not work. 0.5.9 was the last version and from what I can find out fixed the FTP connections making direct config file updates possible but I have been unable to locate this final release on line anywhere. Can anyone help me out either with a location that I have failed to find, or perhaps a copy they still have locally? Many thanhs

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