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  1. My first attempt to make slim model. Still need to find shorter bolts for the top cover, maybe I just trim them down?
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  2. It’s not a 1.6, you can tell since there are still spots for the extra ram chips. It may be a good idea to remove the whole motherboard (it’s pretty easy) so you can clean under it as well after you remove the capacitor.
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  3. the capacitor (red circle) is know to leak and cause corrosion on the board. Remove the broken cap by either jiggling it back and forth or unsolder. youtube is your friend if you need info on how to do it. once the pos-cap is gone wipe off the goo with vinegar and q-tips and clean the area with isopropyl. no need to replace the cap as he xbox will run without it. downside: you gotta set the clock manually or synchronize over the web
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