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Clock Boot Loop Error 16

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I'm new to the xbox modding scene.  I was given  a v.14 og xbox from a friend that was never modded/tampered with.  I'm thinking about doing a tsop since I like the idea of not having to deal with locking/unlocking hard drives.  My question is, if I remove the clock capacitor, which bios make sure I don't run into a clock boot loop error 16?

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    • By tktagmedia
      I was bored this evening so I pulled out an Xbox and TSOP'd it with iND-BIOS and installed a new old-stock 500GB IDE Maxtor hard drive.  The clock capacitor has been removed, the DVD drive (Samsung) has a new drive belt installed and the case has been cleaned and polished-up, looks great.  Currently transferring over XBMC4Gamers as the primary dash and all emulators are outfitted with the ResurrectionXtras video and box art/screen shot packs-- speaking of emulators, this includes the latest build of EWJ's curated Surreal64 romset, and almost every game runs great.
      The controller is in great condition as well, disassembled and shell cleaned.
      Asking $90+shipping if anyone is interested.  Thanks!

    • By immaburrama
      Softmodded Xbox running Unleash X - 160gb HD (Unsure of model but can retrieve if needed.) 
      Using Startech IDE2SAT2 Converter for cloning process set on Slave
      2TB WD Blue Drive WD20EZRZ
      Once this is cloned successfully I planned on using the Kingwin Model ADP-06 
      I have swapped IDE cables to the converted sata drive with the Startech Adapter and loaded into Chimp successfully
      Don't care about games but would like to get saves if possible (The drive is also failing)
      In Chimp I am cloning out C and E partitions and then selecting "G Occupys Space Beyond 137GB" (New to this so not sure if this is the right option to use.)
      It completes it's process and I power down the system.  But am getting an Error 13 when I plug up the hard drive into the master IDE port with both the startech set as "Master" and the Kingpin on both dip switch settings
      Am I missing something in this process?  Do I need to update my dashboard on my original xbox to make chimp compatible? 
    • By Tony Kuberka
      I am filling a 2tb drive and the bigger i make the menu, the slower it boots. is there any way to get unleash x to not autoload the menu's so it will boot faster?

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