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hey everyone, forgive me for asking the question, but can somebody identify this mod chip? when the screen boots Xecuter 2 displays, it plays back ups and loads xexen disk, the forum is quite and most people are on facebook page so thought i'd start a new post, dont want to stuff anything up before i start tinkering with the xbox, help me!


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It's a simple Cheapmod-based modchip.  It uses an SST49LF020 256KB (020 - 2,048 Mbit) flash with LPC-interface.

Which specific modchip it is is hard to tell, Many were created all around the globe from "Please login or register to see this link. " mounted to printed circuit boards with or without a socket, installation by wires to LPC debug port (as your's), quicksolder castellations, or pin header. 

Some could be reflashed in the Xbox while others could not be. The flash memory chip had to be removed from the socket and flashed with an external programmer then re-installed in the socket to update the BIOS.

Design: www.warmcat.com - pages no longer there but have been archived here - Please login or register to see this link.

Which kernel version is in use? (There are several versions of the Xecuter 2 BIOS.)

What replacement dashboard is running?


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the original dash board loads up with the date/time. but i have just removed the clock capacitor and am cleaning the board.

how do i check the kernel version? 

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